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Time for HELPS

Force the Issue


            (Manassas, VA, August 14, 2007)  The Firearms Coalition has drafted legislation which would restrict any federal funds from going to any college or university which prohibits employees and students who may lawfully possess and carry defensive weapons off campus from possessing and carrying those weapons on campus.  We call it HELPS, the Higher Education Lawful Personal Security Act and we believe it could be passed in the 110th Congress. 

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History Made at NRA ’05


The Knox Report

From the Firearms Coalition


History Made at NRA '05 

(Houston, Texas, April 18, 2005) History was made at the 134th Annual Meetings and
Convention of the National Rifle Association held in Houston this weekend.
But not in the sense of historically significant events occurring. Instead,
the history was re-made in an Orwellian sense.

In the Houston version of NRA history, Neal Knox made no contribution to the
fight to preserve the Second Amendment.

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The Color of Gun Control

      (Manassas, VA, July 31, 2007) There is no question that many early gun control laws were specifically aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of African Americans and other unpopular minorities.  In the early 1900’s there was a movement led by the KKK to enact discretionary permitting systems whereby an individual must obtain a permit from local law enforcement to purchase or possess a firearm.  While current media may revise this history to suggest that the system was intended to “keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally deficient”, there was little effort made at the time these laws were passed to conceal the fact that they were intended to protect the “dominant race” from “the sons of Ham.”  New York’s infamous “Sullivan Law” (aimed more at Catholics, Jews, Italians, and other immigrants), and North Carolina’s strict purchase permit system are the only two examples I know of where these laws have survived with only minor changes since their enactment in 1911 and 1917 respectively. Continue reading The Color of Gun Control

Parker Heads to SCOTUS

      (Manassas, VA, July 17, 2007) The Mayor of Washington DC, Adrian Fenty, yesterday announced that the District is indeed going to appeal the “Parker” case to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).  The original deadline for filing an appeal was August 7, but the District has requested, and will likely be granted, a 30 day extension for preparing their appeal.

      There has been much speculation as the August deadline has drawn closer that DC would choose not to appeal the case for fear of strengthening the precedent set when the Federal Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled that the District’s long-standing gun prohibition laws were a violation of individual rights protected

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Executive Member

Are you an officer of a club or state association?  The Firearms Coalition is looking for organizations to affiliate with us.  There's no charge to the club.  We are a grassroots assistance organization.  We aren't the guys from Headquarters.  We know that the guys on the ground know best how to run tactics in their own state legislature, county board, or city hall.  We're here to help, not to direct.  Send a note to us via the Contact Us link.  Let's talk!


Jay Knox
Executive Director
The Firearms Coalition 

UN-Helping Jamaica

    (Manassas, VA, July 2, 2007)  The United Nations and the Jamaican government have announced plans for UN assistance to restore order and reduce the island nation’s sky-rocketing crime rates.  Violent crime, particularly “gun violence” has been growing steadily since the Jamaican government passed a complete ban on private possession and ownership of firearms in 1973. 

      Often criticized for exporting marijuana that feeds U.S. drug markets, Jamaicans are now criticizing the United States and other gun-producing nations for feeding their crime problems.

      With the UN’s track record for nation building, it is likely that Jamaica

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