A Fresh Start

The Firearms Coalition has been on the Internet for over a dozen years.  We were among the first gun rights organizations, indeed, among the first of any sort of activist organization, to provide news updates via email, to host a web page, even to use computers as a means of connecting activists together. 

But, alas, the times caught up with us and quickly passed us by.  While our colleagues — and our adversaries — put up quality sites with content management systems, slick graphics, and constant updates, our content grew stale and the page grew tired.  Part of the problem, was that our early success was "good enough."  We found a combination that worked well for the time being, and turned our attention elsewhere.  We didn't assign the page a high priority because most of our support came from elsewhere. 

Of course, we were aware of what was happening.  My day job is in the computer industry!  But the pressures of a career and a growing family took priority.  Neal Knox's illness and eventual passing also took its toll. 

No more excuses.  Times have changed and we must adapt to stay relevant.  We've finally dipped a toe into the waters of the 21st Century.  Look for more interactive features, and new ways to communicate with your fellow activists.  We want our members and supporters to take ownership of this site.  Look under the "Submit News" and "Submit Weblink" menu items under the User Menu (you'll only get that if you've registered for the site).  You'll find that you can submit articles and content.  

Speaking of registering, we hope you'll take the time to register.  You'll get access to more content and you'll be part of the growing  Firearms Coalition community.  We haven't changed our privacy policy.  We don't share our lists in any form with a third party.

Please give us your feedback.   Help us build the site and to keep our content accurate. 

We always appreciate your support and your guidance.  We need your help to make this site a useful resource to help you protect your rights.  If you have comments or questions, please drop me a line on the Contact Us link.

–Chris Knox