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Hello Gun Lobby!

Much of what you see here you might later see as a the core of a full column in The Knox Report which is a regular feature of Shotgun News and many club and organization newsletters, or featured in our own newsletter, The Hard Corps Report. This area will serve as my notes and brain-storming zone for other writing so you'll see it here first.

Please let me know what you think of the information you find here and the work that we are doing.

Yours for the Second Amendment,

Jeff Knox

Positive Press

    Here is a link to an excellent article out of South Carolina that is definitely worth reading.  It is interesting to note some of the obvious problems with South Carolina's gun laws, particularly the prohibition on concealed firearms in "religious sanctuaries."  This woman's church was a prominent fixture in the story, but the law blocks her and her fellow church members from having the means to protect themselves going to, coming from, and in the church.  I guess it's just "common sense" that no one would ever attack anyone in or arround a church…

    Still, it's a very good article of the type that we rarely see and it is well worth reading and sharing.

    Read the whole story by clicking here

DC Gun Ban in the Supreme Court

What Now?

    Since the Supreme Court announced that they are going to review the DC gun ban case, now is probably a good time to review the case and its convolutions.

    This case has been in the system for a number of years and its journey to the Supreme Court has been anything but a straight shot.  Originally the case involved six DC residents who felt that their constitutional rights were being infringed by the District's strict gun control laws.  While many believe that the case was developed and sponsored by the libertarian Cato Institute, there has never been any formal connection to Cato.  Several people involved in the case do have close ties to Cato, but Cato did not fund or guide the case.

    Besides the Second Amendment questions at the heart of this case, there is also a question of when a citizen has the right to challenge a law as unconstitutional.  The Supreme Court has always held a liberal position on “standing” where constitutional rights are concerned, but the DC Circuit has developed their own precedents on “standing” which are much more constricting.  Of the six original plaintiffs in the “Parker” case, only one, Dick Heller, was determined by the court to have “standing” in the case.  The court said that the other five had not had their rights violated since they had not been “harmed” for exercising or attempting to exercise those rights.

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Reply to a Republican


I have had several comments from readers like the following so I have decided to share my reply to this one with the rest to you.

Duane said: 

Your recent posts regarding Republican candidates causes me great concern. Let us face facts: the Republican party is for the most part on our side and the Democrats want to destroy the right to keep and bear arms. To thumb noses at Republican candidates is evidence to me you have no clue as to how national politics operates. All your position does is to elect clowns such as Hillary. Most citzens do NOT concern themselves with the Second Amendment when they cast their ballot. Hold your nose, but vote Republican!

And I replied:


Most Republicans only support us because they need us to be elected.

As long as they can depend on us "holding our noses" they will do nothing for us.

Look at the previous six years with a "pro-gun" Republican President, a "pro-gun" Republican House, and a "pro-gun" Republican Senate – we got basically NOTHING.

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Congratulations Bobby Jindal!

Bobby Jindal, who has represented Louisiana in the US House of Representatives for the past several years, has won his bid to become the Governor of Louisiana.

            Jindal has proven himself to be a good friend to gunowners and we look forward to his tenure as Governor.

DC Court Case Update

    During the recent Gun Rights Policy Conference I had the opportunity to chat for a few minutes with attorneys Alan Gura and Robert Levy, the co-councils in Parker v. DC, the Second Amendment case being considered for review by the Supreme Court.

     Levy and Gura told me that we were placing too much significance on the recent DC Circuit statement about the limits of the case.  Honestly, I can’t understand how our analysis is flawed, but there is much about America’s legal system that is completely incomprehensible – especially to laymen like me.

     Levy and Gura say that the Circuit Court’s statement that their decision was only about handguns does not change the case at all and that the case will decide the fate of entire sections of the DC law, not some parsed sub-sections as we had feared. Continue reading DC Court Case Update

What a weekend

This past weekend was a busy and productive one as I attended the Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) in Northern Kentucky just outside Cincinnati, Ohio.  The annual event, sponsored by the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and the Citizens’ Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA), brings together activists and scholars from all over the country to participate in seminars, share information, and get connected.

I was surprised and honored to be chosen to receive CCRKBA’s “Grass Roots Activist of the Year” award.  Dad was twice honored with the group’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” – the only person ever to be so honored.  Recognition as the “Grass Roots Activist of the Year” is a tremendous honor and I am compelled to redouble my efforts in the grass roots arena to try to prove myself worthy of the honor.

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Turbulence in the DC Court Case

    (30 September, 07) There has been some significant action in the Parker/Heller DC gun ban case this month.  DC filed their appeal to the Supreme Court and the Parker attorneys filed a their own brief encouraging SCOTUS to review the case.  A few days later they filed a cross appeal asking the Supremes to reverse the Circuit Court's decision to exclude 5 of the original 6 plaintiffs.  A reversal on this would open up much broader areas of consideration encompassing the whole of DC's draconian gun laws.  That is particularly important since it was discovered that the original Circuit ruling striking down part of the DC laws was even narrower than anyone thought.  The Parker attorneys wanted the court to force DC to start living by the part of the ruling dealing with long guns even while the appeals process is ongoing.  The cout denied the request and declared that their ruling had no impact on long gun restrictions because the only plaintiff they accepted, Heller, only talked about handguns in his complaint.  This revelation causes me some concern that without the reinstatement of the other plaintiffs, the Parker/Heller decision might be too narrow in scope to justify Supreme Court review.

    A decision on whether to hear the case should come out of the Supreme Court any day.

    I'll have the opportunity to discuss the case with the lead attorneys in the case, Gura and Levy, next weekend at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Cincinnati and will keep you posted. 

Loss of a Fellow Traveller

    With great sadness and a profound sense of loss, we announce that David A. Tomlinson, President of the National Firearms Association, passed away the evening of September 18th, 2007, after a short illness. 

    This anouncement appears on the web page for the National Firearms Association of Canada.

    We offer our condolences to his family and friends and our heartfelt thanks for his service to the cause of liberty.  We know that his legacy will be carried on by the many people he helped and touched along the way.

DC Files Supreme Court Appeal

             The District of Columbia released its long awaited petition asking the Supreme Court to review the Parker/Heller case.  Mayor Adrian Fenty held a Tuesday morning press conference which was anticipated by 3 articles and a guest editorial in the Washington Post.  All of the stories in the Post echoed the City’s contention that the Court of Appeals made a radical decision when they interpreted the part of the Second Amendment which says, “the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, as meaning that the People’s right to keep and bear arms should not be infringed.

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Snyder supports HELPS Act

    Longtime gun rights advocate John Snyder has joined The Firearms Coalition in calling for Congress to cut funding to any college or university which prohibits employees and students from the otherwise lawful carry of personal protection firearms.

    We first introduced this idea in our July/August Hard Corps Report newsletter and provided more details in a Knox Report column a few days later.  That Knox Report can be read here.

    Snyder is the Public Affairs Director for The Citizen's Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and PRDirector for the  National Association of Chiefs of Police. 

    We are very pleased and encouraged by Mr. Snyder's support for this type of legislation and hope that other gun rights leaders will take a similar stand.