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Parker is now Heller

   Activists should be aware of the fact that as the "Parker" case heads to appeal at the Supreme Court, it is no longer the "Parker" case.  The pleading for certiorari will be titled "District of Columbia v. Heller" since Heller was the only plaintiff in the original case who was actually found to have legal standing and the roles have switched for the appeal.
   This change has made it difficult for many people trying to keep up with the case to locate information since Continue reading Parker is now Heller

Congress & Night Out

Hello Gun-Voter,

    Tonight is National Night Out Against Crime.  Block parties and community festivals are being planned around the country to show support for crime prevention, build neighborhood and community cohesiveness, and recruit for programs like Neighborhood Watch. 
    This is a wonderful opportunity for gun rights advocates to let their neighbors know just what they can do to "Take a Bite Outa' Crime."   Worthwhile activities include distributing literature about concealed carry and home defense and exercising open carry rights in those places where that right has not been abrogated.
Congress Vacates Washington
    August in D.C. means hot, humid weather and empty halls of Congress.  They call this a "District Work Period" which is political-speak for "Month-long Vacation."  To keep up appearances, many Representatives and Senators attend events and hold Continue reading Congress & Night Out

“Parker” Headed to Supreme Court


Job opportunities for recent college graduates!

An unusual opportunity has been brought to our attention and I wanted to share it with our subscribers.

Our good friends at The Leadership Institute are expanding their college conservative outreach program and they are looking for 70 dynamic young people to recruit, train, and assist conservative students on college campuses in developing effective conservative activist organizations.
Continue reading Job opportunities for recent college graduates!

Action Needed on Tiahrt

Write your Representative today, call your Representative on Monday!

The House Appropriations Committee is expected to vote on the Tiahrt amendment sometime next week, possibly as early as Monday.

Whether your Representative serves on the Appropriations Committee or not, it is important that he hears from you, urging him to do whatever he can to ensure inclusion of these important protections in the BATFE budget appropriation.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg and the Brady Campaign Against Guns have made defeat of Tiahrt their number one target in this session of Congress, turning what should be an administrative matter into a contentious political issue. Continue reading Action Needed on Tiahrt

Surprise Action in the House

  In a surprise move, the US House of Representatives today passed a bill which provides incentives for states to enhance and computerize criminal and mental health records and make such records available to the FBI's National Instant Check System (NICS).

  While The Firearms Coalition has consistently opposed previous versions of this bill, we do not oppose the bill as it was passed by the House today. Continue reading Surprise Action in the House

The Bar Is Being Lowered!

The Bar is Being Lowered

It's up to you to hold it up!

Take action now. Write to your Governor and the Attorney General and then write to your Senators and Representative. Forward this alert to every gun rights activist and organization you know then send it on to veterans and veterans' organizations because they are among the most severely impacted. The national gun and veterans' organizations and most of the state groups have either completely missed or conceded this issue. Only your immediate action can stop the momentum of this steamroller.

I would have written a shorter letter, but I didn't have time.

Continue reading The Bar Is Being Lowered!

ATF Increasing Intrusions

  While there has been much discussion and debate recently concerning actions which might be taken by anti-gunners in Congress, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has made "adjustments" to their interpretation of laws regarding "mental defects."  ATF is actively encouraging state Attorneys General to enhance their reporting of persons who fall under the new, broader definitions to the National Instant Check System (NICS) to bar them from ever purchasing or possessing firearms.  Shockingly, the NRA and the National Shooting Sports Foundation are both supporting and encouraging ATF's efforts. 

    The impact of this "adjustment" could be devastating to thousands of people around the country.  According to ATF and NICS, a mentally ill person can never recover.  There is no path for restoration of gun rights once they have been denied on the basis of mental problems. Continue reading ATF Increasing Intrusions