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The Firearms Coalition Site Is Back!

Thanks for finding us!  The Firearms Coalition site has a new look and will be getting more regular updates.  We’re still transferring content, so we haven’t made an official announcement, but feel free to browse and comment.  The new format comes from a new content management system.  We’re now using WordPress which, while arguably less flexible, is simpler to administer, and easier to navigate.  Let us know your thoughts.

How To Use This Site: Communicating With Other Members

In my last entry I talked about registration and profiles.  This entry looks at what you can do with your profile.

First, in order for other members to get anything from your profile, they need to see it.  To that end, we've added a Public Profile field to to the Member Profile information.  In effect you're adding yourself to a local directory within the site.  If you edit your profile (first item in the User section of the menu to the left) you'll see that there's a new check box at the bottom of the editing window.  By checking this box you'll add yourself to the directory.  Only registered members of the site can see your profile, and NO ONE can see your email address.

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How To Use This Site: Your Profile

I’ve been busy over the past few days installing several new interactive tools and features into the site.  The immediate response resembles a junior high school dance – lots of people standing around, but not too many have ventured out on the floor.  I'm not worried.  This is something that will develop in due time. 

This is the first in a series of "How To" blogs that I'll post over the next few days in hopes of getting folks started.  If you don’t understand something I've written here, or if you catch a mistake in my write-up, or if something doesn’t work as expected, you can drop a line in the comments section below this window, or send me a note.

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New Toys On The Site

Over the weekend I added a variety of tools and new features to the site.  The theme behind virtually all of the new stuff is interactive.  In order to live up to its name, the members of The Firearms Coalition need to be able to communicate with one another.  The vision is a free and open communications medium that allows members to communicate openly, but to take a discussion private as they need to.  So far, some 24 hours after getting the last of the tools installed and more or less configured, the atmosphere is akin to a junior high school dance.  Everybody's waiting for someone else to make the first move.  That's okay.  I expect things to pick up.  I'll be blogging here over the next few days about the tools and what they are and how to use them.



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