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More Damning Information Released by NRA

The watchdog site NRA in Danger has a new post discussing the NRA 2022 Audit Report.

As of the end of 2022, revenue and assets were continuing to decline, as legal expenses continued to take up a larger and larger percentage of expenditures — all thanks to Wayne LaPierre and the impotent Board that refuses to hold him accountable.

Read the NRA in Danger post here.

For the actual Audit Report, click this link  NRA 2022 Audit

NRA Director Nominations & Petitions

Read our article about seeking qualified candidates and nominating NRA Director candidates by petition.

Here is a link to the official guidelines for nomination by petition:


Here are links to the petitions you can print, sign, and mail back:
Print petitions only on 8.5″x11″ paper.  Petitions should run lengthwise across the page and fill it completely.  Since the files are saved “sideways,” on most printers, the proper setting would be “Portrait” to get a “Landscape” result.
Select the “Fit to Page” option on printer.
Phone: 602-730-4570 with any questions.
Mail petitions directly to each candidate, as there’s no longer time for us to forward them: P.O. Box 303, Tombstone, AZ  85638

Jeff Knox Petition
PO Box 303, Tombstone, AZ  85638
Phil Journey Petition
PO Box 501, Haysville, KS  67060
Rocky Marshall Petition
PO Box 277, Center Point, TX  78010
Dennis Fusaro Petition
Awaiting permission to post address…

Petitions must be turned in to NRA by the candidates by November 7, so please sign and mail your petitions to each candidate as soon as possible.


P.S. Some of you have requested that we mail you copies of the petitions to sign.  We attempted to mail petitions to everyone who requested them, but missed a few and are now out of time to get those out and back to the candidates, so thank you for the requests, and our apologies for not getting them all processed in a timely manner.

Dell’Aquila Court Documents

On June 30, 2023, David Dell’Aquila et al. filed their Third Amended Complaint in their suit against the NRA, alleging the Association raised money under false pretenses — fraud.

Below is a link to that Complaint, along with the motion requesting leave to file the Third Amended Complain, and the previous Order and Opinion dismissing much of their original Complaint.

Dell’Aquila Third Amended Complaint, June 30, 2023

Request for leave to file Third Amended Complaint, 2023

Order dismissing and admitting portions of previous Complaint

Opinion, explaining above order, 2020

Knox Resolutions: NRA 2023

The following are the two resolutions submitted by Jeff Knox to the membership of the National Rifle Association at their Annual Meeting of Members in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 15, 2023.
Both of these resolutions were defeated by a majority of the members voting in the meeting.
For background information and documentation of the statements in these resolutions, type “NRA” in the Search Bar in the upper-right of the Home screen. Continue reading Knox Resolutions: NRA 2023

Expert Witnesses Slam NRA

In preparation for the trial in the New York AG’s suit against NRA and Wayne LaPierre, which is finally supposed to begin this Fall, the AG’s office hired two experts on nonprofit organizations to examine the available evidence and present reports.

One Report is by an expert in nonprofit governance matters, while the other is from an expert who specializes in forensic accounting.  Both reports are scathing indictments of Wayne LaPierre and other executives, as well as the Board of Directors and particularly the Audit Committee, which was supposed to identify problems like improper contracting, excessive expenses, and conflicts of interest.

Here’s the report of the Forensic Auditor:

The other expert report is a huge PDF file that’s too big to post here, but here’s a link to it on the court’s website:

It’s worth noting that NRA President Charles Cotton has been the Chairman of the Audit Committee for many years, and Second Vice President David Coy, who has been Cotton’s Vice Chair on the Audit Committee, was the Chair of that committee prior to Cotton.  Between them, they’ve been in control of the Audit Committee for over two decades, and both continue in that capacity, in spite of becoming officers of the Association.

The experts’ reports are both long and detailed, and both are well worth reading, but you might want to be sure to wear a hat and take a couple of wraps of Duck Tape first, to keep your head from exploding.  Some of what they reveal is truly astounding.

NRA Gift of Firearms Policy Resolution

We found the text of a Resolution put forward by the NRA Finance Committee recently, and we believe, passed by the Board.  We believe this to be an accurate copy of the resolution, but have not been able to verify it or other details with NRA HQ yet.  Since almost everything done at NRA Board meetings these days is done in closed-door, Executive Session — binding Directors to secrecy — it’s difficult to keep up with their actions.
It seems, based on some of the language of this resolution, that it is, to a large degree, a CYA action, authorizing Wayne to do exactly what he’s been doing for years in direct violation of Board policy. Continue reading NRA Gift of Firearms Policy Resolution

NRA’s IRS Filings, Form 990

IRS Form 990 is required to be filed and publicly disclosed by nonprofits.  It provides a useful look into an organization’s finances.  The form changes some from year to year, so it can be confusing when making comparisons, but most of the same information is included each year, you just have to find it.

A couple of the files are split into two parts due to excessive size.

NRA_2021-990-Part_1 & NRA_2021-990-Part_2 Continue reading NRA’s IRS Filings, Form 990

May 2022 Hard Corps Report Available Online

Historically, we have reserved our newsletter, The Hard Corps Report, to only our paid subscribers, but this issue covers important NRA news and plans, that are critical for every NRA member to see.
Feel free to share this among your fellow NRA members as we prepare for the NRA Annual Meeting of Members in Houston, Texas, May 28.

March 2022 Hard Corps Report

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