Expert Witnesses Slam NRA

In preparation for the trial in the New York AG’s suit against NRA and Wayne LaPierre, which is finally supposed to begin this Fall, the AG’s office hired two experts on nonprofit organizations to examine the available evidence and present reports.

One Report is by an expert in nonprofit governance matters, while the other is from an expert who specializes in forensic accounting.  Both reports are scathing indictments of Wayne LaPierre and other executives, as well as the Board of Directors and particularly the Audit Committee, which was supposed to identify problems like improper contracting, excessive expenses, and conflicts of interest.

Here’s the report of the Forensic Auditor:

The other expert report is a huge PDF file that’s too big to post here, but here’s a link to it on the court’s website:

It’s worth noting that NRA President Charles Cotton has been the Chairman of the Audit Committee for many years, and Second Vice President David Coy, who has been Cotton’s Vice Chair on the Audit Committee, was the Chair of that committee prior to Cotton.  Between them, they’ve been in control of the Audit Committee for over two decades, and both continue in that capacity, in spite of becoming officers of the Association.

The experts’ reports are both long and detailed, and both are well worth reading, but you might want to be sure to wear a hat and take a couple of wraps of Duck Tape first, to keep your head from exploding.  Some of what they reveal is truly astounding.