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UPDATE: Vote YES on the Bylaw proposal.
The Bylaws require a vote of the membership to create a new officer position, and this is one that needs to happen.  — Jeff

Four candidates dedicated to reforming the troubled NRA will be on the ballot for election to the NRA Board this year.

The four reform candidates are Judge Phil Journey, Rocky Marshall, Dennis Fusaro, and me, Jeff Knox.

We are encouraging people to vote for only these four and no one else.

Bullet voting for just the four reform candidates gives your votes more weight and increases the odds of us winning seats.

Ballots are supposed to be in the March issue of NRA magazines for those members eligible to vote.

Only NRA Life Members, and those Annual Members who have been members for at least 5 consecutive years, without interruption, are eligible to vote and will receive ballots.

Each year, the NRA sends out around 2.5 million ballots, but only about 5% of those are ever returned, meaning that almost 2 million ballots are never returned. Finding and activating those un-voted ballots this year could be the key to getting the reform candidates elected, so please talk with your NRA member friends and encourage them to vote for the four reform candidates.

No one knows what will happen with the trial now going on in New York. It’s almost certain that the NRA will lose, and LaPierre and former Treasurer Woody Phillips will be ordered to pay some restitution, but there’s just no telling what the judge will decide regarding the NRA itself. He could just order them to clean up their act and sin no more – which would leave the same people in charge who allowed this mess in the first place – or he could go so far as to dissolve the current board, throw out the current election, and order a new election. He could also appoint a Special Master or overseer to take charge of reorganizing the NRA. He has a lot of leeway and we can only guess at what he might do, and try to position ourselves to be able to participate in the resurrection of the Association.

There’s also a good chance that the NRA will appeal any decision that goes against them, resulting in more delays and more NRA member money poured into the pockets of lawyers.

For the time being, our focus must be on getting our four reform candidates elected.

Please look for the ballot in the March issue of your NRA magazine, which should be delivered in late February. As soon as you receive your ballot, please mark Jeff Knox, Phil Journey, Rocky Marshall, and Dennis Fusaro, sign the back of the envelope, and mail it. Then reach out to all of your NRA friends, members of your gun club, and in any online forums you participate in, and encourage everyone to do the same.


2 thoughts on “NRA Elections”

  1. I will be voting for only you four on my ballot. I however have a question that I have NEVER heard asked of anyone in the NRA. WHY don’t us voting members get to vote for ALL positions? I am mainly talking about the position that Wayne had. We never got to vote. Had the members had the right to vote for that position, Wayne would have been gone years ago. PLEASE bring this up as the NRA is doing a disservice to all voting members as WE are the ones supporting the NRA with OUR DOLLARS!
    Thanks, and good luck!

    1. Voting for the Executive Vice President was one of the first of the hard-earned “Cincinnatti Reforms” to be taken back by NRA management. At the 1985 meeting in Seattle, the assembled members voted to surrender their right to elect the EVP and cheered about it. Harlon Carter retired the year before and had designated G. Ray Arnett as his successor. Arnett was able to run against Neal Knox as an incumbent in the 1985 election. The NRA management led the members to believe that because NRA was now interested in protecting the Second Amendment, there was no longer a need for the members to be bothered with election of the EVP. The Board has held that power ever since.

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