Time for HELPS

Force the Issue               (Manassas, VA, August 14, 2007)  The Firearms Coalition has drafted legislation which would restrict any federal funds from going to any college or university which prohibits employees and students who may lawfully possess and carry defensive weapons off campus from possessing and carrying those weapons on campus.  We call it … Continue reading Time for HELPS

UN-Helping Jamaica

    (Manassas, VA, July 2, 2007)  The United Nations and the Jamaican government have announced plans for UN assistance to restore order and reduce the island nation’s sky-rocketing crime rates.  Violent crime, particularly “gun violence” has been growing steadily since the Jamaican government passed a complete ban on private possession and ownership of firearms in … Continue reading UN-Helping Jamaica

A Fresh Start

The Firearms Coalition has been on the Internet for over a dozen years.  We were among the first gun rights organizations, indeed, among the first of any sort of activist organization, to provide news updates via email, to host a web page, even to use computers as a means of connecting activists together.