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3 thoughts on “Please Help Us Keep You Informed”

  1. Jeff, as you have never said anything about this everyone is going to wonder who you really serve? When you deal with infiltration it is never the person you see doing the dirty. It is someone behind them suggesting they do the wrong thing. This is a coverup. Are you part of that? Don’t you think you should tell the membership?

    There is an old saying, “If you see one cockroach then you know there are a zillion more in the wall.” As it is with cockroaches, so it is with foreign spies. Do you remember a few years ago a young redheaded Russian woman being arrested after infiltrating the National Rifle Association? Long red hair, thick Russian accent, see through outfits whose line was “I have a pretty little pistol in my tight leather holster. Do you want to touch it?” Red herring! Why would an enemy Russian agent be infiltrating the NRA? A good way to understand what she was doing is by looking at what she is doing now.

    Maria Butina, a Russian agent captured in the United States has just condemned the embattled leadership of Ukraine for dishing out more than 18,000 guns to civilian volunteers in an effort to drive back Russian invaders. As she said, “Ukraine should not hand out weapons to its citizens in case a child gets hurt.” As she told Russian state media TV show Vremya Pokazhet on Saturday that “people don’t know how to handle them (guns) and a child might be killed at home”. Meanwhile, the Russias are slaughtering 1000s of small children en masse in Ukraine. Her action in Ukraine tells us exactly what she does for her Russian spy masters. She disarms nations Russia wants to attack. Does it seem strange that enemy Russian agents are working for the same thing Democrats want? Does anyone see a problem with that?

    What does a Russian red herring mean? It means that something is going on much deeper within an organization. Does the NRA show signs of deep foreign enemy infiltratration? Yes. Unknown to most the NRA is the premier “ANTI GUN” organization in our nation. Does that seem odd to you? For more than a decade there has been a coverup going on inside the NRA hiding the largest targeted disarmament in the history of the United States. That being that anyone that smokes pot and some say anyone that has ever used pot is not allowed to buy a gun. The interesting thing is that this disarmed the people with the best chance of surviving a biological release simply because of their age. Because of my dealing with biological warfare while in Humboldt, I learned that there are other aspects of marijuana use in warfare our government wants to keep covered up. If you look it up you will find that marijuana stops Covid transmission. I am surprised they let that out? Actually, it stops lots of different types of transmission. This means that young pot smokers are what you might call the chosen people. They have the best chance to survive a bio release/variants of all people because of their age and immunities and the best physical abilities to deal with a world in turmoil. Do you find it interesting that these are the people the NRA is attacking with a cover up?

    1. My background and interest in NRA is pretty well documented and available to anyone interested.
      My father was a leader of the Cincinnati Revolt of 1977, which brought the NRA into the fight for rights with both feet. He then served as Executive Director of the NRA’s lobbying division, introducing the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act, which was passed several years after Dad’s tenure, with the poison-pill Hughes Amendment attached. Dad was later elected to the NRA Board of Directors and rose to the position of 1st VP, but was bounced from that office after challenging LaPierre over fundraising tactics and cozy relationships with certain vendors. They brought in Charlton Heston to challenge Dad for the VP seat.
      I’ve been a Life Member of NRA since 1978 or ’79, buying it on the installment plan, beginning with my first Army paycheck out of Basic Training.
      As to the whole Russian spy thing, I think it’s right and proper for the NRA to encourage and support gun rights organizations in other countries. I think they were foolish in their embrace of Butina and her benefactor, but the whole thing did look rather promising at the time.
      Bad actors will use whatever means they have available, and Butina was a reminder of that.
      I’m completely independent. I survive on direct member support and the little money I receive from some publications that pay for my articles.
      As to the marijuana issue: I think it’s a stretch to suggest that the NRA actively supports that restriction. NRA members do tend to be older and more inclined to be “anti-drug,” but we’ve had Board members who vocally supported pot legalization going back almost 30 years. Like the rest of the country, the NRA moves slowly on such things, but I’ve seen nothing official from them supporting firearm restrictions for pot users, and have seen some suggestions that they support lifting some, if not all of those restrictions.
      I’ll ad that my oldest son was an active proponent of pot legalization and something of an expert on its medical use.
      It’s only anecdotal, but he was a regular user of cannabis for pain management. He died of COVID on January 3, 2022. He was 41.

  2. I am disappointed in the NRA. I’ve been a member for numerous years. I recently read an article in Firearms News about the disappointment in the manner it is being run by individuals being paid exuberant salaries and taking advantage of its members. The article in FAN gave information as to questionable spending and salaries.

    However; the NRA did pay for my Police Firearms Training and certification. It was the only thing I am thankful for asking of them.

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