Racist Is as Racist Says

Mike Bloomberg’s Latest Racist Comments

By Jeff Knox

(February 12, 2015) If Mike Bloomberg weren’t a liberal, anti-rights billionaire, the press would have eviscerated him in February.  If the Koch brothers or Donald Trump said something as blatantly racist as Bloomberg did, the media elite would go into apoplectic outrage mode.  Demands for apologies, excommunication, and retribution would have flooded our TVs, radios, and computers.  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have been marching around – somewhere – demanding –something – and encouraging illiterate young thugs to break windows and burn down their neighborhoods.

What did Bloomberg say?

According to the Aspen Times, speaking to a sold-out gathering at the oh-so-progressive and tolerant Aspen Institute’s Colorado campus, Bloomberg on February 6 stated that 95% of murders are committed by people who are male, minority and between the ages of 15 and 25, and that cities need to get guns out of these people’s hands “to keep them alive.”


Did you catch that?  Some young black and Hispanic males commit 95% of murders, according to Bloomberg, and therefore all young black and Hispanic males must be prevented from accessing firearms.

Where was Barack Obama’s poignant observation that those young men look like his imaginary son?  Where are Al and Jesse?  Where were the indignant protests from the tolerant progressives who were present for this bigoted, intolerant statement?  Where are the rants from Rachel Maddow, Chris Mathews, Bryant Gumble, and Brian Williams?  (Okay, Williams was busy repairing his shark costume from his Super Bowl dance with Katy Perry, but what about the others?)

Hyperbole aside, young minority men do commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime in America, particularly in our nation’s bigger cities, but those committing the crimes represent a small minority of young, minority males.  Even so, Bloomberg singles out the entire demographic as the key to improving urban life and “saving” young people who have been failed by the government education system and social programs.

This isn’t the first time Bloomberg has been racially -uh- insensitive.  On his watch as mayor of New York his police unconstitutionally “stopped and frisked” innocent New Yorkers guilty of walking while black or hanging out while Hispanic.  Bloomberg adamantly defended the practice.  When challenged with the statistic that fewer than 20% of the “stop and frisk” victims were white, even in predominantly white neighborhoods, Bloomberg doubled down by suggesting that the ratio of minority searches should be even higher – in spite of the fact that almost half of the violent crime in the city is committed by whites.  Then during the primary race for his replacement, Bloomberg accused eventual mayor Bill de Blasio of engaging in a racist culture war because the white de Blasio included photos of his black wife and their children in some of his campaign ads.

Those comments generated some backlash from the mainstream media, but it was short-lived.  For his much more blatantly racist comments at the Aspen Institute to go virtually unreported outside of “right-wing fringe” media like World Net Daily, the Blaze, and Shotgun News, seems surprising, to say the least.

In fairness, Bloomberg, was not suggesting that only minority males between the ages of 15 and 25 should be disarmed.  Nor was he suggesting that it is okay for young white males to have guns.  That’s not his position at all.  What Bloomberg actually believes is that since young minority males commit so much crime (with illegal guns that they illegally acquire and illegally possess) and must be prevented from legally accessing firearms – “to keep them alive” – everyone’s constitutional rights should be abolished and everyone should be disarmed. 

My father used to say that there is nothing new in the gun control movement.  We’ve seen it all before and we’ll see it all again.  This is a central theme of my brother’s compilation of some of Dad’s writings in his book, Neal Knox: The Gun Rights War.  Bloomberg has proven Dad’s observation.  The first major gun control laws in the U.S. were based on similar racist phobias.  The early objective was to keep guns away from blacks for fear of slave rebellions, then for fear of former slave retribution, then for fear of free blacks doing harm to the poor Klansmen trying to blow up their churches, and finally for fear of black criminals wantonly raping and murdering lily white maidens and the stalwart defenders of their virtue. 

Indeed, Bloomberg is not the first to suggest that everyone should bear the burden of gun control as a means of keeping guns away from young minority males.  The most senior members of the U.S. House of Representatives once said the same thing in a guest editorial in the Washington Post.  That same congressman once pointed a finger at my father and called him a racist for wanting to protect gun rights.  He said that Dad was a racist because as long as guns are accessible, young black males will get them, and “You know that if you give them guns, all they’re going to do is kill each other, and that’s what you want.”

That astounding bit of irrational ranting came from Michigan Representative John Conyers.  Of course, since Conyers is African American, he gets a pass for being racist.  What’s the media’s excuse for ignoring Bloomberg’s racism?