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October 30, 2008

Boulder, CO, Oct 30,

Sportsmen for Obama? Rejects Obama's Claim to

Support the Second Amendment.

Objective analysis of Obama's voting record, in the federal and Illinois
Senates has been performed. The record includes fifteen separate votes
against gun owners and manufacturers.

Only a single vote for gun owners has been found. The bill Obama voted for
prohibited the confiscation of firearms in case of an emergency. This bill
came in front of the Senate in 2006, probably after Obama decided to run
for the presidency.

Obama's gun control votes and statements made before his presidential run
also indicate a candidate hostile to the Second Amendment as defined by
the Supreme Court in D.C. v. Heller. He has publicly declared:

• he was in favor of local law suits against gun manufacturers,
• he supports for prohibiting gun shops within five miles of any school,
• he is against concealed carry by law abiding citizens,
• he favors one gun a month laws,
• he favors ‘assault weapons bans’,
• he has favored a ban on all semiautomatic firearms,
• he favors limits on handgun ammunition,
• he favors limits on 'assault weapon' ammunition,
• he believes that state and local entities should be able to implement
their own gun control,
• and last month stated he would not have enough votes to start gun

“Obama’s supposed gun control position as a presidential candidate are so
counter to his previous words and votes that Obama comes across as someone
who will say whatever his audience wants to hear.” said Jeff Settle, owner
of Sportsmen for Obama?.

A survey by Sportsmen for Obama? indicates that the gun rights issue is a
loser for those that are aware of Obama’s gun rights history.
Specifically, of our readers, 32% of readers will not vote for Obama
because of his gun control position whereas 9% will vote for him because
of his gun control positions.

Sportsmen for Obama? ( is a derivative work of
Gun Law News ( ). Its purpose is to highlight Barack
Obama’s words and actions on gun control in a nonpartisan manner. Federal,
state and media website links are cross referenced to allow readers to
verify information.


For more information about the Sportsmen for Obama? project or to schedule
an interview, contact Jeff Settle at 303-882-1294 or by e-mail at