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Holder Confirmed

Eric Holder Confirmed as Attorney General

    Anti-Second Amendment extremist Eric Holder has been confirmed by the Senate to be the Attorney General of the United States.  In that capacity Mr. Holder will have unprecedented power to limit, restrict, record, and otherwise interfere with the right of the people to keep and bear arms.   You know, that right that the Bill of Rights says "shall not be infringed."

    The vote to confirm Holder was 75 to 21 with 3 not voting.  The Senators who did not vote were Ted Kennedy (D-MA), who is probably on his death-bed; Mark Begich (D-AK), I don't know his excuse;  and Mel Martinez (R-FL), who was an early endorser of Holder, but who should be at risk of lynching by his own Cuban-American community in Florida where they still remember Holder explaining that the storm-trooper assault to seize 6-year old Elian Gonzalez and send him back to Cuba was not a "midnight raid," it happened in the morning – just before dawn, and that thejack-booted thugs went in with sensitivity and did not take the boy at gunpoint.  Which of course was verified in the photo record of the event as seen here.  I have to wonder if Martinez wasn't feeling some serious heat from his constituents and decided that the better part of valour was to hide out until after the vote.  His actual vote shouldn't matter.  Mel Martinez said he was supporting Holder and he should be considered to have cast a vote for him.

    I am extremely disappointed in the results of this vote though I expected just such an outcome when I learned that NRA had decided not to count a vote for Holder in their grading system.  The sad truth is that most politicians vote not for the benefit of the nation, but for the benefit of themselves.  If they believe that a vote will help their chances of retaining their position of importance, they are likely to cast that vote.  If they believe that voting a particular way will hurt their chances of reelection, they will tend to swing the other way.  If given a pass by the NRA, they will be swayed by some other factors.  NRA failed to even make Holder's twisted views on the Second Amendment a primary issue in this fight, instead focusing on his disinclination to support NRA's misguided "Project Exile" which encourages strict enforcement and federal prosecution of existing federal gun laws.

    You can see details of the vote to confirm Holder on the Senate web site by clicking here , but here's how the voting broke down state by state: (click the Read More link below)

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