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What if Your Child Were the Victim of a Mass Shooting?

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Tombstone, Arizona – -(Ammoland.com)- What if your child were the victim of a mass shooting?

Would the searing pain of that horror change your thinking on attempts to ban “assault weapons?” If it were your wife, mother, sister, or brother, who was killed at a grocery store? A movie theater? A beach? Would the gut-wrenching emotional trauma change your mind? Would you join Demanding Moms? Would you send money to Everytown for Gun Safety? Would you testify in Congress and state legislatures calling for more restrictions on “weapons of war” that “flood our streets?”

These are questions that are thrown at pro-rights advocates on a regular basis. Do you have answers for them? Or do you have “shall not be infringed” and a pile of statistics?

Personal stories are powerful. The pain and heartbreak of losing a loved one to senseless violence can move political mountains. It invokes an empathy response that can completely shift people’s thinking, drawing them into the pain and convincing them that “something” must be done.

That’s why our political opponents work so hard to recruit the families of victims with stories that will break the hardest hearts. Continue reading What if Your Child Were the Victim of a Mass Shooting?