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Can the NRA be Saved? Open Call for Activist NRA Board Candidates!

NRA Leadership Board of Directors
Open Call for Activist NRA Board Candidates!

Is it possible that the NRA will no longer exist by this time next year?

The New York Attorney General’s lawsuit is expected to go to trial in January of 2024 and last about a month. Possible outcomes include complete dissolution of the Association and sale of its assets and criminal prosecutions. More likely scenarios lean toward some form of ground-up restructuring, such as receivership, which would place the Association under the control of a court-appointed overseer.

It could well lead to the prosecution of (all-too-well) paid staff and officials from the President down to certain Board Members.

Meanwhile, about one-third of the current Board will stand for election in 2024. Nominating petitions can be turned in until November 7, 2023. It’s possible that the NRA will again file for bankruptcy prior to the trial, this time with some legitimacy. Bankruptcy could leave the Director elections in limbo. Then again, a judge might look to replace the deadwood on the old board with fresh, engaged members who want the best for the Association.

So, as the Titanic prepares to set sail, want to join the crew? The 2024 election of Directors might be moot. Then again, it might be an important turning point.

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David Dell’Aquila’s Tough Love Approach to NRA

NRA Contractors Money
David Dell’Aquila began looking closer at where his donations were actually going, and he began asking questions about how his and other members’ money was being spent.  iStock

Tombstone, Arizona – -(Ammoland.com)- NRA heavy-hitter donor and Wayne LaPierre critic David Dell’Aquila is back in court in his efforts to force major changes within the Association.

Dell’Aquila first filed his suit against the NRA, the NRA Foundation, and Wayne LaPierre back in 2019, shortly after revelations of widespread financial chicanery within the organization became public. Through a long trail of ups and downs, the lawsuit has lingered in the background for almost four years and came very close to dying on the vine on a couple of occasions, but each time, Dell’Aquila was able to keep it alive.

On Friday, June 30, 2023, Dell’Aquila and his co-plaintiffs, with new attorneys representing them, filed their Third Amended Complaint in the case. This complaint attempts to revive several Continue reading David Dell’Aquila’s Tough Love Approach to NRA

NRA 2011 Board Elections

NRA Board Endorsement

Each year 25 of the 75 regular director seats comes up for election to 3-year terms along with the 76th director, who voters attending the Annual Meeting select for a one-year term.

There is little chance of any injection of new blood in this year’s election. The candidate list is a bit larger than usual, but it includes 26 incumbent directors, including the current 76th director, vying for the 25 seats. The Nominating Committee nominated all 25 of the current 3-year directors plus an additional six candidates. Additionally, six more candidates nominated exclusively by petition of the members. Historically we can expect that at least 23 of the 25 incumbents will win reelection. Since the NRA uses a cumulative total election – the 25 highest total vote getters win – the real race is always between candidates at the bottom of the list.

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The NRA Board: Where Is Your Voice?

The Knox Update

From the Firearms Coalition

 The NRA Board:  Where is Your Voice?

By Chris Knox

(February 11, 2009) If some mythical “conservative” President were to appoint James Dobson of Focus on the Family to head the Federal Communications Commission, can you imagine the stink that would arise from the American Civil Liberties Union?   Likewise, if some hypothetical “liberal” President were to appoint Planned Parenthood Vice President Dr. Vanessa Cullins to be Surgeon General, the protests from pro-life activist organizations would rattle the walls.

So why is it that when this President appoints a virulently anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment activist to be the chief enforcer of the nation’s gun laws (and defender of the Constitution), the largest and most powerful organization tasked with preserving, protecting and defending the Second Amendment confines its opposition to a nicely written letter to the Judiciary Committee that closes with a meek request to “consider our concerns carefully?” 

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