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More Damning Information Released by NRA

The watchdog site NRA in Danger has a new post discussing the NRA 2022 Audit Report.

As of the end of 2022, revenue and assets were continuing to decline, as legal expenses continued to take up a larger and larger percentage of expenditures — all thanks to Wayne LaPierre and the impotent Board that refuses to hold him accountable.

Read the NRA in Danger post here.

For the actual Audit Report, click this link  NRA 2022 Audit

NRA Director Nominations & Petitions

Read our article about seeking qualified candidates and nominating NRA Director candidates by petition.

Here is a link to the official guidelines for nomination by petition:


Here are links to the petitions you can print, sign, and mail back:
Print petitions only on 8.5″x11″ paper.  Petitions should run lengthwise across the page and fill it completely.  Since the files are saved “sideways,” on most printers, the proper setting would be “Portrait” to get a “Landscape” result.
Select the “Fit to Page” option on printer.
Phone: 602-730-4570 with any questions.
Mail petitions directly to each candidate, as there’s no longer time for us to forward them: P.O. Box 303, Tombstone, AZ  85638

Jeff Knox Petition
PO Box 303, Tombstone, AZ  85638
Phil Journey Petition
PO Box 501, Haysville, KS  67060
Rocky Marshall Petition
PO Box 277, Center Point, TX  78010
Dennis Fusaro Petition
Awaiting permission to post address…

Petitions must be turned in to NRA by the candidates by November 7, so please sign and mail your petitions to each candidate as soon as possible.


P.S. Some of you have requested that we mail you copies of the petitions to sign.  We attempted to mail petitions to everyone who requested them, but missed a few and are now out of time to get those out and back to the candidates, so thank you for the requests, and our apologies for not getting them all processed in a timely manner.

Can the NRA be Saved? Open Call for Activist NRA Board Candidates!

NRA Leadership Board of Directors
Open Call for Activist NRA Board Candidates!

Is it possible that the NRA will no longer exist by this time next year?

The New York Attorney General’s lawsuit is expected to go to trial in January of 2024 and last about a month. Possible outcomes include complete dissolution of the Association and sale of its assets and criminal prosecutions. More likely scenarios lean toward some form of ground-up restructuring, such as receivership, which would place the Association under the control of a court-appointed overseer.

It could well lead to the prosecution of (all-too-well) paid staff and officials from the President down to certain Board Members.

Meanwhile, about one-third of the current Board will stand for election in 2024. Nominating petitions can be turned in until November 7, 2023. It’s possible that the NRA will again file for bankruptcy prior to the trial, this time with some legitimacy. Bankruptcy could leave the Director elections in limbo. Then again, a judge might look to replace the deadwood on the old board with fresh, engaged members who want the best for the Association.

So, as the Titanic prepares to set sail, want to join the crew? The 2024 election of Directors might be moot. Then again, it might be an important turning point.

Continue reading Can the NRA be Saved? Open Call for Activist NRA Board Candidates!

David Dell’Aquila’s Tough Love Approach to NRA

NRA Contractors Money
David Dell’Aquila began looking closer at where his donations were actually going, and he began asking questions about how his and other members’ money was being spent.  iStock

Tombstone, Arizona – -(Ammoland.com)- NRA heavy-hitter donor and Wayne LaPierre critic David Dell’Aquila is back in court in his efforts to force major changes within the Association.

Dell’Aquila first filed his suit against the NRA, the NRA Foundation, and Wayne LaPierre back in 2019, shortly after revelations of widespread financial chicanery within the organization became public. Through a long trail of ups and downs, the lawsuit has lingered in the background for almost four years and came very close to dying on the vine on a couple of occasions, but each time, Dell’Aquila was able to keep it alive.

On Friday, June 30, 2023, Dell’Aquila and his co-plaintiffs, with new attorneys representing them, filed their Third Amended Complaint in the case. This complaint attempts to revive several Continue reading David Dell’Aquila’s Tough Love Approach to NRA

Dell’Aquila Court Documents

On June 30, 2023, David Dell’Aquila et al. filed their Third Amended Complaint in their suit against the NRA, alleging the Association raised money under false pretenses — fraud.

Below is a link to that Complaint, along with the motion requesting leave to file the Third Amended Complain, and the previous Order and Opinion dismissing much of their original Complaint.

Dell’Aquila Third Amended Complaint, June 30, 2023

Request for leave to file Third Amended Complaint, 2023

Order dismissing and admitting portions of previous Complaint

Opinion, explaining above order, 2020

Yet Another Loss for the NRA & the Brewer Law Firm

Circular gun shot Bad Karma of Man iStock-leremy 847506336

Tombstone, Arizona – -(Ammoland.com)- Another swing and a miss for the NRA and their high-priced attorneys at the Brewer law firm, this time in a motion to intervene in a case brought by Ranier Arms and the Second Amendment Foundation. This is just the latest in a long line of expensive failures for the NRA’s very expensive attorneys.

A few weeks ago, the Firearms Policy Coalition won an injunction in the Federal Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit to halt enforcement of the BATFE’s new rule on pistol stabilizing braces, but only for the plaintiffs in the case.

The new rule went into effect on June first and makes anyone still in possession of an AR-type pistol with a stabilizing brace attached after that date a felon unless they had previously filed paperwork to register the brace-equipped firearm as a Short-Barreled Rifle (SBR) under the National Firearms Act. Several groups and individuals had challenged the new rule in various lawsuits, Continue reading Yet Another Loss for the NRA & the Brewer Law Firm

NRA’s Impressive Record of Defeat

NRA members attend the annual meeting at a past convention. NRA gathers in Houston over the Labor Day weekend for its 150th anniversary. File Photo
NRA members attend the annual meeting at a past convention.  File Photo

U.S.A. — The National Rifle Association has received yet another judicial slap-down. Lead counsel Bill Brewer, along with attorneys for Wayne LaPierre, Secretary John Frazer, former Treasurer Woody Phillips, and former executive Josh Powell filed yet another raft of petitions calling for the suit to be dismissed or seriously throttled. In an order issued on June 8, the judge in the case rejected Continue reading NRA’s Impressive Record of Defeat

Bump Stock Boondoggle, Don’t Blame Trump – Blame LaPierre

Trump Wayne LaPierre
President Trump and Wayne LaPierre. IMG NRA-ILA

Tombstone, Arizona – -(Ammoland.com)-

“As you know, the bump-stocks are actually a very unimportant thing, and NRA, I went with them, and they said, ‘it doesn’t mean anything, they’re actually, all they do is teach you how to shoot very inaccurately.’ So we did that.”  ~ Donald Trump, CNN Town Hall, May 10, 2023

“The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations.” ~ Joint statement of Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox, NRA, October 5, 2017

When Donald Trump pushed his Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to reclassify bump-stocks as “machineguns” under the National Firearms Act, he had the blessings of Wayne LaPierre and the NRA to do it – if not specifically, but definitely in principle. Continue reading Bump Stock Boondoggle, Don’t Blame Trump – Blame LaPierre

Once More Into the Breach: Trying to Save the NRA

Jeff Knox addresses NRA members during 2023 Annual Meeting. (Photo credit: John Richardson)
Jeff Knox addresses NRA members during 2023 Annual Meeting.
(Photo credit: John Richardson)

Tombstone, Arizona – -(Ammoland.com)- As I do almost every year, I once again made the trek to the NRA Annual Meeting of Members to try and push the NRA Board of Directors to take responsible action to do what’s best for NRA members and the Association.

Historically, it has been an exercise of futility, and this year was no exception.

Some 77,000 NRA members gathered in Indianapolis, Indiana, over the weekend of April 14 through 16th, 2023, for the association’s Annual Meeting and Exhibits. Most were just there for the guns and gear in the exhibit hall, but a few hundred took the time to attend the Annual Meeting of Members in an adjacent hall on Saturday Continue reading Once More Into the Breach: Trying to Save the NRA

NRA Elections 2023: LaPierre Wins – NRA Members Lose

NRA Board Election Ballot Vote
file photo

[Note: There are 4 suggestions for adding to the Write-In section of your ballot:
Phil Journey, Haysville, KS
Frank Tait, Wayne, PA
Rocky Marshall, Boerne, TX
and Fire Wayne, Fairfax, VA]

Tombstone, Arizona – -(Ammoland.com)- This could be our last chance to vote in an NRA Board of Directors election. Unfortunately, there’s not really anyone to vote for or anything they could do to save the organization. While there are a lot of relatively good to simply benign candidates on the ballot, there are none that I would expect to challenge the status quo, and there are several who are strong supporters of Wayne LaPierre, chief among them being current NRA President Charles Cotton. Continue reading NRA Elections 2023: LaPierre Wins – NRA Members Lose