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Take Action Now!

1. All is Not Hopeless: There are actions you can be taking now to build up the levee and stem the flood.
2. Oppose Confirmation of Eric Holder to Attorney General!
3. Celebrate Bill of Rights Day – Support the Second Amendment Book Bomb!
4. Help the Firearms Coalition by educating yourself and others.
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1. All is Not Hopeless!
    The record gun and ammo sales statistics since the election and the chatter on the various internet forums I monitor tell me that people are worried and want to take some action, but there doesn't appear to be much that they can do except prepare for the worst.  Even though the political landscape has shifted dramatically and the politicians are making stupid moves which are going to do more long-term harm to our economy and do threaten our future, the good news is that the worst is yet to come.  If we can see it coming, we can take action to prevent it.  There are things that you can be doing right now to ensure a brighter future.  Preparing for the worst is prudent, but it is not prudent to sit in the boat waiting for the flood when you could be busy reinforcing the levee to avoid the flood altogether.

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