Today I sent the following to my e-mail correspondents this morning.  The evidence of prescription drug involvement in these mass shootings in compelling, and yet to date there has been no serious congressional investigation or FDA suspension of the drugs involved.


Not "reefer madness" but yet another case of mass homicide, from patent "medicine".  Just as in Columbine and numerous other instances.  Why is there no Congressional investigation?  Is Congress too busy investigating the use of steroids in pro sports?

Surely the media will blame the guns, not the drugs.  After all, who buys more advertising on the media, the drug companies or the gun companies?  They will not bite the hand that feeds their profits.

In today's Wall Street Journal:
> Officials Identify Suspect
> In Illinois University Attack
> Associated Press
> February 15, 2008 11:46 a.m.
"DEKALB, Ill. Police say the gunman in the Northern Illinois University shooting rampage had stopped taking his medication recently and had become erratic before he killed five people and committed suicide."  [much more to the story]