Alert 4-2-2013

* UN Gun Control Treaty Passed by General Assembly
* Vote on Gun Control Package Imminent – Senators are “Home” this week.  Tell them how to vote!
On Friday, the Knox Gun Rights Report on World Net Daily ( alerted activists that the US Senate is scheduled to vote on the Democrat gun control package as soon as they return from their Easter Break.  Right now Senators are supposed to be in their home states meeting with constituents during this “State Work Period,” and some of them might actually be doing that.  If yours are among them, you could have the opportunity to tell them directly how you feel about their efforts to further infringe on your rights.
Read all about it by following this link:
And then take action by telling your senators that none of the proposals are acceptable, that none of them would have prevented or mitigated the tragedies in Connecticut and Colorado, that none of them would reduce crime.  Tell them that a vote for any of them will be recognized as a betrayal of the Constitution and their oath of office.
Don’t delay!  Call, write, and call again! 
Some senators are under the mistaken notion that if they vote against gun and magazine bans they can freely vote in favor of expanded background checks (criminalizing private transfers) and “anti trafficking” proposals that would put gun owners and dealers at increased risk of federal prosecution.  You can correct these misperceptions.  
The votes should take place early next week.  Now is the time to push the message home: No New Gun Laws!  No Bans.  No “Universal Background Checks.”  No Dangerous New “Anti-Trafficking” laws.  No Compromise!
The Capitol Switchboard number is 202-224-3121.
Over the weekend we alerted readers of the potential for the UN to move forward with a final vote adopting the sweeping Arms Trade Treaty that US negotiators have been blocking for years.
On Tuesday morning our fears were realized as the treaty was adopted in the UN General Assembly – with strong US support.  While the current language is much better than past versions, there are aspects of this treaty that have direct impact on US consumers and gun owners.
Our original story, and the follow-up report can be found on our web site at  Please read it and share it with your friends.
Please forward this Alert to every freedom-loving American you know.
For a better understanding of just what’s wrong with “universal background checks” and the current “anti-trafficking” proposals, see these columns from The Firearms Coalition’s director, Jeff Knox:
Both of these columns are also available
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Yours for the Second Amendment,
The Firearms Coalition
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