Are We’re Losing the Revolution, YES, But Only If You Let Them

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Tombstone, Arizona – -(  Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who was attacked by rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and fought back, has been found Not Guilty on 5 counts of Murder and Attempted Murder. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that he was charged at all, and, most importantly, that so few people understand the significance of the case.

Most don’t understand why virtually all of the corporate media and all of the Twitter “blue check-mark” people continue to lie about the case and push a narrative that has already been proven to be patently false.

Many, including Kyle himself, have said that it wasn’t just Kyle Rittenhouse that was on trial, but the whole concept of self-defense. While that might be right to a degree, it falls far short of explaining why so many have gone so far in their efforts to paint Kyle as a “white supremacist vigilante bent on killing BLM protesters”, in spite of the overwhelming video and eyewitness evidence that he was the victim of an attack by multiple assailants, who was forced to defend himself, and who showed remarkable control and situational awareness as he did so.

The big reason for the continuing barrage of attacks and lies against Kyle Rittenhouse is that Kyle stepped out of the safe place, and challenged the officially-sanctioned chaos around him. By stepping up, he set an example of what is right, and what is worth doing.

Kyle’s example is directly opposed to the message that Kyle’s critics want to spread. They want it to be known in no uncertain terms, that anyone who stands up against their mobs or their agenda will be trampled underfoot and destroyed, whether by the mob, the “justice” system or by the media pundits and the court of “popular opinion.” Their hope was to manipulate or intimidate a jury into returning the verdict that they and their mobs demanded, but falling short of that, [although they came close] they will continue declaring lies about Kyle and his actions. In a continued effort to make his life as miserable as possible, and make others think again before stepping into the fray.

We’re in the midst of a revolution, and we’re losing.

We are at war. Leftist, socialist/communist operatives have taken control of trade and employee unions, the education system, the administrative state, the Democratic Party, and virtually all of corporate media.

The overriding message is that the U.S. is vile, corrupt, and beyond redemption, and anyone who does not agree with that assessment is a racist, sexist, homophobe, transphobe, neanderthal moron who deserves to be destroyed in every earthly dimension – legally, physically, emotionally, and financially. An important part of their message is that those who stand in support of their agenda, can act with virtual impunity to smash, destroy, burn, loot, and generally cause mayhem and destruction in the name of “social justice,” but anyone who dares oppose them, even a little, must be made to pay a heavy toll for their sins.

The reason I say that we’re losing, is because too many Americans have given in and been cowed by threats and social repercussions. We’ve learned to “keep our heads down,” “mind our own business,” and not to “stick our necks out.” In short, we’ve let our good manners, be used against us and allowed political correctness to nullify our basic rights.

Wake Up America!

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse wasn’t about him, nor was it about self-defense. It was about not breaking the new social norms of allowing rioters to riot, allowing looters to loot, and standing idly by as a violent revolution unfolds around us – all while being told and meekly accepting that we’re the problem.

The prosecution and persecution of January 6th rioters and participants in the invasion of the Capitol, is another example. Kamala Harris and her staff, along with numerous members of the establishment media, politicians, and “woke,” urban “liberals,” donated bail money and moral support to rioters and looters who were arrested for violent acts during the “George Floyd Summer of Love,” and few of those rioters and looters faced any serious charges or jail time – this despite billions of dollars worth of property damage and more than 25 lives lost in those riots.

Compare that to the treatment of the people arrested in the wake of the January 6 invasion of the Capitol. There are people who were arrested in that bit of stupidity, who are still being held in jail, in solitary confinement, and in horrible conditions that are still awaiting trial. Political prisoners! Most of the charges against them are misdemeanor trespass and/or interfering with government operations, yet there these American citizens sit, in some of the worst conditions imaginable, denied bail as they one by one are allowed to offer contrite apologies along with their guilty pleas, and pay minor fines.

The point isn’t the violation of the law. The point is the refusal to go along with the establishment’s agenda. Refusal to obey the unwritten laws that have been adopted by the elitists in academia, politics, and most importantly, the establishment media.

A young man volunteering to help guard community businesses from destructive vandals, naively offering first-aide assistance to anyone who needed it, and putting out fires as they popped up, was painted as a white supremacist, a domestic terrorist, a racist murderer, etc. Not because any of that was true, but because he stood up and said “No” to the chaos and carnage, and when he was attacked, he fought back.

The new establishment will not tolerate that kind of resistance. Those who stand against the approved narrative must be punished to send a warning to anyone else who might dare to get in the way.

And this strategy is effective, at least initially, because there are only a limited number of people who are inclined to jump up and run into the conflict. Just as the most effective method for reducing violent crime, is to lock up those who are caught engaging in those types of crimes, the most effective way to reduce resistance to the regime, is to take out the people who actively resist. But this only works for a time, and only if the regime doesn’t push too hard.

When violent rioters under the banner of “Antifa” or “BLM”, began trashing college campuses and attacking conservatives – while the police were ordered to sit on their hands – it served as an invitation for angry conservatives to turn out to meet violence with violence. Those opposition forces were immediately painted as white supremacists and “right-wing extremists,” and undoubtedly some of them fit those labels. But most of the people who showed up at free speech rallies – designed and intended to invite counter-protests from Antifa-types – were just good Americans, tired of seeing thuggery and brutality excused and tolerated by politicians, police, and the establishment media.

As the protests and counter-protests became more violent, and racist and anti-American groups became more prominent in those events, (or so it appeared in the reporting of the establishment media), fewer regular Americans participated. They didn’t want to be associated with racists and anti-government groups, leaving the protests, and the participating organizations, to be more dominated by the more extreme members, eventually making the accusations of the media, less false than they were initially.

This is not an accident or a coincidence. This is intentional and coordinated.

A reporter can stand in front of a burning building, with gunshots going off all around him, and earnestly declare that the riot surrounding him is a “mostly peaceful protest,” with just a few people getting carried away or taking advantage of the situation to engage in violent or criminal behavior. Then a few months later, that same reporter and his fellow talking heads can just as earnestly declare that every one of the tens of thousands of people who attended the Trump rally or the protest at the Capitol on January 6th, is a rioter and violent insurrectionist.

There is not just a two-tiered legal system, where a Navy officer who inadvertently carries classified materials out of a secure building, is sentenced to prison and loses his job and pension, while Hillary Clinton diverts boatloads of classified materials to an unsecured, private email server and faces no legal sanctions at all. Or the acting President’s son lying on a firearm purchase form, but isn’t prosecuted.

There’s also a “Right Side – Wrong Side” aspect to the legal system. People on the right side of the political spectrum, with the “right side” being the far left, face little likelihood of prosecution, and minimal penalties, for heinous crimes, while persons on the wrong side of the political spectrum can expect to be hounded by the system, with the heaviest possible charges leveled against them, and the harshest possible penalties imposed.

This is part of the “shadow government” that aims to destroy our country. It’s not necessarily a vast, coordinated conspiracy. It’s more likely to just be a bunch of ideologues “living their truth” and believing that their noble ends justify any means necessary.

Don’t let them shut you down or back you up, because that’s their objective. The more people who publicly refuse to play their game, refuse to kowtow to their demands, refuse to remain silent to their abuses, the less control they have, and the more freedom we share.

They’ve been winning this secret fight for decades. Donald Trump disrupted it for 4 years, but also inadvertently accelerated it. Today it’s operating in full swing, but the leftists are overplaying their hand, and conservatives and constitutionalists are catching on and fighting back.

To be clear I am NOT advocating violence, [violence is what they want us to resort too] but I am calling out all digital warriors and truely peacfully protestors. Now is the time to rally.

Be part of the solution. Call out the double-standard. Point out the lies and distortions. Don’t be on any “side” except the side of liberty. And stand behind anyone who is persecuted for speaking the truth or standing up for what’s right.

We’re in the midst of a revolution, and we’ve been losing. Now is the time to turn that around.

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