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Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War

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The long-awaited compilation of the best of Neal Knox’s writing is on its way.  The scheduled release date is July 4.  It’s been a long haul, but I have to say I’m pleased with the result.  I’m looking forward to telling you more about it.  Here’s the cover copy:


“Neal Knox  A hero—no, the hero—of the Second Amendment.”
–Tanya Metaksa
former Executive Director, NRA-ILA

    For forty years, Neal Knox reported on every significant event in the Gun Rights War.  He himself became the story more than once, as he published news that powerful people wanted left alone.  Assembled here at last in one volume are the inside stories:

On Politics

  •  The Democrats are a danger to the Second Amendment—but so are the Republicans.

On the NRA

  •  How Neal Knox became the architect of the modern NRA—and why the NRA now pretends he never existed.

On how to be the Gun Lobby

  • How to talk to a politician—it starts with you listening.

        Often controversial, always principled, Neal Knox was the man Gun Week called, “the conscience of the gun-rights movement.”  Here at last, in one volume is the core of the writing that made his reputation—and helped save the Second Amendment.

    “Neal played a pivotal role in the gun-rights movement. Simultaneously loved and hated, he made a difference in defense of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.”
–Alan Korwin, Author, Gun Laws of America

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