National Exercise Your Rights Day

Buy a Gun on August 28!  (August 18 Update Attached Below)

In honor of the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic “March on Washington” for civil rights, The Firearms Coalition is joining with other gun rights groups to declare August 28 “National Exercise Your Rights Day.” 

Reverend Jesse Jackson is calling on citizens to exercise their First Amendment rights by participating in anti-gun/anti-violence protest marches in 25 cities nationwide on that day.  The Firearms Coalition echoes that call to supporters of the Second Amendment, encouraging them to exercise their rights by purchasing a firearm or ammunition on August 28. 

“We have the right to live safe and secure, no matter where we live in America,” Rev. Jackson said during a prayer vigil at Chuck’s Gun Shop in a Chicago suburb.
“That’s absolutely right” said Jay Knox, Executive Director of The Firearms Coalition, “Mr. Jackson has made a valid point and we believe the best way to ensure that safety and security is for responsible citizens to have the means to defend themselves.  The idea that all violence is bad is simply incorrect.  Violence is sometimes the only way to stop evil and brutality.  When used in this way, violence is an agent of good.” said Mrs. Knox  

“Gunowners trust our fellow citizens and have no fear of them having the means to effectively engage in righteous violence when necessary.  Martin Luther King preached and practiced non-violence, but he did so with armed Deacons for Defense in the background.  It seems that Dr. King understood that the rights to arms and self defense are basic civil rights and were an integral part of the civil rights battle he waged.”

Mrs. Knox went on, “While Jesse Jackson and his followers are out exercising their rights to assembly and to petition the government, calling for more restrictions on firearms purchasers, gunowners should be exercising their First and Second Amendment rights, buying that new gun, stocking up on ammo, and sending a message to their elected representatives that attempts to further restrict gun ownership will not be tolerated.”

The Firearms Coalition is further encouraging local groups to stage active counter-protests, picnics, and marches to clearly demonstrate that a majority of Americans support all civil rights for all citizens, not the watered-down, pick-and-choose version of civil rights advocated by Jackson and his RainbowPush coalition.


August 18 Update!

National Exercise Your Rights Day is just 10 days away!
Buy a Gun or Ammo on August 28!

Are you ready? 
Have you saved up some money?
Have you notified your clubs and friends?
Have you made sure your local gun stores know about National Exercise Your Rights Day so they can promote it and offer special discounts?
Have you made plans to join friends at the range?
Have you begun drafting your message to your legislators?

The Reverend Jesse Jackson is joining in the celebration of National Exercise Your Rights Day though the good Reverend is only planning to exercise his First Amendment right, he can rest assured that those of us exercising our First and Second Amendment rights will stand ready to defend ALL of his rights.

Here's what Jesse Jackson is doing:


More Than 20 Simultaneous Protests Across America on the Anniversary of Dr. King’s March on Washington

Washington, DC – In response to rising violence in Chicago and nationwide, Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., founder and president of Rainbow PUSH Coalition, has called for a national day of protest against illegal guns. Activists from Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence’s Million Mom March Chapters, ProtestEasyGuns, and other local gun-violence prevention organizations will be participating in events in more than 20 cities across America on August 28.
Cities with events scheduled for August 28 include: Phoenix, Arizona; San Diego, California; Dallas, Texas; Seattle, Washington; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Duluth, Minnesota.
Nationwide, there will be candlelight vigils, memorial bell-ringing ceremonies, marches, rallies, press conferences, and “lie-ins” in which 32 people lie down to represent the 32 people murdered with guns every day in America. Rev. Jackson called for these protests to take place on August 28 – the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s historic March on Washington – to demand action against the gun violence plaguing our cities.
Rev. Jackson and Brady President Paul Helmke will be available for interviews in the days leading up to August 28.
To reach local representatives, please contact the Brady Campaign national headquarters at 202-898-0792.
A full list of participating cities will be available on August 23rd at or

# # # #
While the Reverend Mr. Jackson and his collaborators are exercising their right to call for restrictions on our rights, we will be celebrating all of the rights given by God to the free citizens of the United States.  Second Amendment celebrators will be buying guns and ammo, writing legislators, holding picnics and shooting events, and generally enjoying the joys of liberty in hundreds of cities and towns around the country.

Please note the phone number to the Brady Center Headquarters (above) where you can learn about their activities in your area!

If you haven't started planning your celebration yet, there's still time!  Make your plans today to celebrate National Exercise Your Rights Day on August 28.

And whether you're planning to march in the streets, hold a free firearms safety course, or just buy a gun or ammunition, drop us a note to let us know your plans.
Please include your zip code with your message and consider including contact information so others in your area can join you.

Celebrate National Exercise Your Rights Day!  Buy a Gun or Ammo on August 28!

Spread the word!

Let us know what you're planning to do by sending a note to and Be Sure to Include Your ZIP Code!

Yours for the Second Amendment,

Jeff Knox


More about The Firearms Coalition:


Here is a list of the planned "events" from the Brady Bunch: (Be aware, these are active Brady links.)

In addition, a statewide letter writing campaign is being organized in California to build support for a crime-fighting “microstamping” bill being considered by the State Legislature.


I'll be at the Maryland/DC event at:

Realco Guns, Inc.
6108 Marlboro Pike
District Heights, MD 20747


I'll be there a bit before Noon and stay through 2:00.

Anyone in the DC metro area is encouraged to stop by and join us anytime during those two hours.

Even if you can only stop by for a few minutes on your lunch hour to show your support and buy a box of ammo.


Hope to see many of you there.



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