Cavalry Arms Raided by BATFE

ATF agents executed a search warrant against Cavalry Arms in Gilbert, Arizona yesterday (February 27).  The local Gannett affiliate, features "shocking" video on their web site.  A call to the station asking why the video was shocking, being as how it's a gun shop received an unintelligible answer.  So this is what happens when a pro-gun President is in office.  No word yet as to the nature of the violations. 

Cavalry Arms is known as a straight operation to its customers.  It's a sizable outfit and they have a good fan base.  Unfortunately, their story on the 10:00 o'clock news also featured a spoof video that the newsies presented in the worst possible light.  Naturally, it's on You-Tube.  I think that's what you call leading with your chin.

We'll be following this one, too.