Comey’s Gift and NRA’s Gaff

Comey’s Gift and NRA’s Mistake

By Jeff Knox

(July 6, 2016) FBI Director, James Comey has come under serious fire since he announced that the FBI is not recommending prosecution of Hillary Clinton over her willful negligence in handling classified material on her unauthorized, private email server.  While there is plenty of grumbling about the decision in Republican circles, Comey’s decision, and his statement of facts during his announcement, is much better for Republicans than if he had chosen to seek an indictment.

An indictment would have been unlikely, even in the face of an FBI recommendation.   The chance of Loretta Lynch moving ahead with a prosecution are between slim and none.  And if Lynch or one of her minions were the one making the “No Indictment” announcement, it is equally unlikely we would have gotten the juicy details of Hillary’s criminal negligence provided by Comey.  Even an actual indictment would not have driven Clinton from the race, and would have resulted in Hillary’s supporters rallying to her victimhood.  It would also mean that information about the case would be in short supply, with comments about an “ongoing case,” and gag orders.

Now the evidence is out there, and details will continue trickling out over the next several months.  The vast majority of people polled right after Comey’s announcement felt that Clinton is getting special treatment, rather than being unfairly persecuted, and that Hillary is an elitist liar.  The perception of “special treatment,” Hillary being “above the law,” and that she and her D.C. pals think laws are for “little people,” not important elites like Hillary, is much more damaging than an indictment recommendation, or even an actual indictment, could ever be.


Comey’s reputation might never recover from this decision, but faced with the circumstances and likely outcomes, his decision, and the comments that went along with it, was probably the best that could have been made.  Also remember that Comey might not be finished yet.  His agency is still investigating abuses within the Clinton Foundation.  Whether Comey’s gift to Republicans was intentional or not, it was certainly a gift, and who knows what other surprises might be waiting around the corner.


Meanwhile, back in the trenches of The Gun Rights War, Republicans and the NRA continue to blunder in ways that will cost Republican votes this November and beyond.

Anti-rights forces leapt at the chance to use the terrorist attack in Orlando as an excuse to push their “No Fly – No Buy” ban on people listed on the federal “No Fly” list legally purchasing guns.  Of course that sounds like a very reasonable suggestion.  If you knew someone was a terrorist planning to murder a bunch of people, why would you let him buy a gun?  Unfortunately, sounding reasonable and being reasonable are two vastly different things.  If the FBI or other law enforcement knows that someone is a terrorist planning to murder people, why is that person freely walking the street?  If they are only suspected of being a terrorist, or associating with, or supporting terrorism, do they lose the presumption of innocence until proven guilty?  And what exactly does it take to be considered a suspected terrorist or terrorist supporter? 

The problem is that no one knows who’s on the list or why.  Nor does anyone know who is making that determination, what kind of verification process is involved, if any, or how an innocent person gets off the list.

It is unconscionable to even consider allowing constitutional rights to be determined by a secret list compiled with secret criteria by faceless bureaucrats like Lois Lerner.

Terrorist aren’t just Middle-Eastern men with scraggly beards, and those guys aren’t who Obama and Lynch are worried about.  Their greater fear is American, “right-wing radicals.”  Does that mean neo-Nazis, or NRA members?  This administration has warned that Ron Paul supporters, military veterans, anti-abortion advocates, and people with Tea Party bumper stickers might be terrorists.  Are they going to deny guns to all of those folks? 

Instead of making this case, pointing out these dangers, and standing on principles, the NRA and Republicans are offering “unconstitutional lite.”  Rather than reject the radical Democrats’ proposals, NRA and some Republicans propose to put your rights into the hands of Loretta Lynch and her army of Lois Lerners, but with the addition of a limited court hearing before a judge, with limited disclosure of charges, limited evidence, no opportunity to face an accuser, and no jury of peers to determine the validity of the charges – and no consequences for bureaucrats who abuse the system.

The “compromise” has outraged grassroots rights leaders around the country and has many NRA members hopping mad.  Republican politicians pushing this nonsense are effectively nurturing the gun vote that could mean the difference in keeping them in office.  Stupid move, regardless of NRA’s position.

GunVoters will remember in November.  Muddying the waters with compromises serves to disillusion GunVoters and drive them away from both parties, seriously diminishing the potential impact GunVoters can bring to the polls.


Republicans – and the NRA – should take heed of these warnings.