Congress & Night Out

Hello Gun-Voter,


Tonight is National Night Out Against Crime. Block parties and community festivals are being planned around the country to show support for crime prevention, build neighborhood and community cohesiveness, and recruit for programs like Neighborhood Watch.

This is a wonderful opportunity for gun rights advocates to let their neighbors know just what they can do to “Take a Bite Outa’ Crime.” Worthwhile activities include distributing literature about concealed carry and home defense and exercising open carry rights in those places where that right has not been abrogated.

*Congress Vacates Washington*

August in D.C. means hot, humid weather and empty halls of Congress. They call this a “District Work Period” which is political-speak for “Month-long Vacation.” To keep up appearances, many Representatives and Senators attend events and hold “Town Hall Meetings” where they personally offer up the same non-committal pap that their staffs send out in their responses to your letters.

Now is the time to try to get face to face with these people who are supposed to be working for you and challenge them to answer hard, clear questions about gun rights. If you can, capture the question and response on digital video and send us the clip so we can share it with the world.

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