Do you REALLY want Maximum Mike as head of the ATF?

I received a letter from firearms manufacturer, Len Savage of Historic Arms LLC; that Savage had sent to Acting ATF Director Michael J. Sullivan, commonly known as Maximum Mike. In the letter Savage informs Sullivan about the conduct that he was experiencing from BATFE Management. He also notes Sullivan's refusal to return his calls (Sullivan has also refused to contact us, despite his staff stating that he would).

So what was Maximum Mike's response to Mr. Savage? Within 2 days he sent 2 ARMED ATF Inspectors to do an intense audit of his books and inventory. Keep in mind that Inspectors are not Agents and they do not carry firearms. In fact in the ATF's frivolous claim that we harassed and intimidated them, they told the Judge: "It should be noted that Inspectors are not Agents, they do not have arrest powers and they do not carry firearms"

It is obvious that Sullivan in his year and a half as Acting Director of the ATF, has no intention of curbing the blatant abuse of the ATF. So why do we want an Overbearing, Manipulative, Abusive Director of an Overbearing, Manipulative, Abusive Government agency? This is a recipe for disaster! Today JPFO, David Codrea and numerous bloggers have urged people to contact your Senators to Block Sullivan's Confirmation. Write them today!