ED Kicks in Door — Updated 9 June

Department of Ed Serves Warrant with Tactical Entry

I have been wondering how long it would take to see this story. Our friend David Codrea flagged the story over a year ago.  We wrote about it here:

The police forces are being militarized and our armed forces are deep into “nation building” and acting as local police forces.  The world is upside down.

June 9 update — Backup documentation

An Education Department press release, available here, (or from ED) mostly states what the raid was not.  Countering unspecified media reports, the press release asserts that the raid was not staged to collect a debt, and goes on to say that the Education Department’s Office of Inspector General is tasked with investigating “fraud, bribery, or embezzlement.”  The release goes on to assure the public that the OIG “always assess the risk involved” to guard the safety of the general public, looking at “a number of factors, such as the persons known to occupy or frequent the location and whether they have any criminal or violent histories.”

That’s certainly a welcome assurance, but the unnamed subject of the federal search warrant was the homeowner’s estranged wife, according to news reports, and no longer lives with the homeowner.  That fact, the homeowner’s lack of criminal record, and the presence of children in the home at the time of the raid, at least call into question how carefully those “factors” were investigated prior to serving the warrant.

The Department of Education remains mum as to the purpose of the warrant citing ongoing investigation.

Link to warrant.

Link to ED press release.

Link to Cato Center map of police raids