Election Alert – Up to You

Now It’s All Up to You
Voting is not just a Right, it’s a Responsibility.
It’s time to get out and Vote.  Many have already voted through Early Voting programs, but many have not.  Mail Votes must be sent today or tomorrow to ensure arrival in time to be counted.  If you’ve already voted, make an effort to make sure others vote – and have the information needed to cast an informed ballot.
We’ve published several articles about the importance of this election and the critical issues being decided this year.  Please go to www.FirearmsCoalition.org to read and share our columns.

The Nation is Watching Washington

The two firearm initiatives on the Washington ballot this year will have serious impact on other states.

Bloomberg and his cronies are already working on similar initiatives in other states. While many have bought into the polling numbers and think this is an unwinnable fight, we’re not ready to give up. We’ve seen GunVoters do the impossible in the past, and we believe they can do it again. If you are in Washington State, you’re on the front lines of the fight for rights. I-594 is a dangerous and misleading initiative. Beg people you know to vote against it, and be sure that you and your family don’t miss your opportunity to make a difference. Especially be sure that everyone in your household knows how bad this initiative is.  don’t find out later that your vote was nullified because your wife thought I-594 seemed reasonable.

If you don’t live in Washington, do you know people who do?  contact them and urge them to vote NO on I-594.  The stakes are high for all of us.

For more information on I-594, see our special report at www.FirearmsCoalition.org.

For more information on the dangers of I-594, see our special report a www.FirearmsCoalition.org.

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Yours for the Second Amendment,

The Firearms Coalition
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A personal note from Jeff Knox:

For folks in the Helena, Montana area – or with friends in that area – my good friend Gary Marbut is running as an Independent for a seat in House District 94.

Gary is the president of the Montana Shooting Sports Association and the author of the Montana Firearms Freedom Act.  you can find out more about Gary and his contributions to the rights movement at www.ElectMarbut.com.

I personally endorse Gary and encourage readers to do whatever they can to help him to victory in this race.

Just in case Election Monitors are watching; This is an unsolicited, personal endorsement from me, Jeff Knox.  It was not coordinated with any campaign, party, or committee, and is not an official position of The Firearms Coalition.  Any cost associated with this statement in this email was paid by me personally.

This E-Alert was sent from The Firearms Coalition to our friends and supporters.  If it was forwarded to you, you can register for Alerts and Updates at www.FirearmsCoaliton.org.  We never share or sell your information.