Eric Holder

An open letter to the Republican Party



Eric Holder is totally unacceptable for Attorney General … or anything else.


I am at the end of my line with the collapse of the Republican Party.


It is inconceivable that we have self destructed so completely so rapidly.

We threw Tom DeLay, Newt Gingrich, and countless other party essential soldiers under the bus to placate the Socialist-Fascist-Communist-Democrats and their media minions.


I am disgusted with the incompetence, lack of discipline, and lack of commitment of "?Republican?” politicians.


I absolutely will not support a handful of country club RINOs who are content to remain a permanent emasculated impotent minority.


I am a CONSERVATIVE … a Reagan conservative.

I will not waste my resources promoting the self interests of gutless dilettantes who care only about their privileged positions.


I will die on my feet before I will live on my knees.