Exaggerations from the ATF Seattle Field Division

The ATF Seattle Field Division, which has relentlessly pursued us, was caught exaggerating about their gang sweep and the 77 arrests made. Although the reporter caught them in their exaggeration, they still have not removed it from their web site. This is the same office that exaggerated that we Harassed and Intimidated them, despite a really messed up time line. The Judge already noted how they exaggerated our violations by Double Counting them. This is also the same office that:

Here is the decline of dealers in states within the ATF Seattle jurisdiction from 1994-2005:

  • Alaska has lost 73% of its dealers
  • Hawaii has lost 88% of its dealers
  • Idaho has lost 70% of its dealers
  • Oregon has lost 70% of its dealers
  • Washington has lost 84% of its dealers