Former NRA Director Sentenced

    I am often asked about the fate of former NRA Board of Directors member, Sanford Abrams, but the case was hanging in limbo with nothing to report.  That all changed yesterday when Abrams was given a 5 year suspended sentence for selling an AR15 rifle to a man prohibited from purchasing such a rifle in the state of Maryland.  Under Maryland law, "assault weapons' and handguns are specialy regulated and all sales of these firearms must be aproved by the State Police.  Had the rifle Abrams sold been an H-Bar heavy barreled, target model, there would have been no requirement to go through the State Police and the sale would have been legal, but since this was a standard AR model, Abrams should have processed the sale and would have learned that the buyer was not allowed to posses the gun.  

    The Baltimore Sun report on the case can be read by clicking here .