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By Jeff Knox


DC files petition for Supreme Court review of Parker/Heller.

            (Manassas, VA, August 5, 2007) The District of Columbia released its long awaited petition asking the Supreme Court to review the Parker/Heller case.  Mayor Adrian Fenty held a Tuesday morning press conference which was anticipated by 3 articles and a guest editorial in the Washington Post.  All of the stories in the Post echoed the City’s contention that the Court of Appeals made a radical decision when they interpreted the part of the Second Amendment which says, “the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, as meaning that the People’s right to keep and bear arms should not be infringed.

            In the guest editorial Mayor Fenty explained the decision of the Supreme Court in the Miller case and the Presser case while of course leaving out many inconvenient details.  It was particularly apropos that a picture of a Colt Commander accompanied the mayor’s article.  Like the mayors interpretation of the Miller case, the image of the gun was made to look like it was pointing one way when a closer examination by anyone with rudimentary knowledge would immediately reveal that it was inverted, with the Thumb Safety, Slide Stop, and Mag Release appearing to be on the right-hand side of the gun.

            DC’s petition takes a four-layer approach: First they claim that the Second Amendment is a collective, not an individual right.  Second they claim that the Second amendment only restricts the federal congress, not state and local governments.  Third they claim that since the Second Amendment refers to the “security of a free state”, that it doesn’t apply to DC which is not a state.  And finally they claim that even if the Second Amendment really does refer to an individual right which is applicable to all individual citizens and binding on all federal, state, and local governments including the District of Columbia, that banning the purchase or possession of an entire category of firearms (handgun), should not be considered an “infringement”, but rather a reasonable restriction on a right for the safety of the community.

            Lead council for the plaintiffs, Alan Gura, says that they will encourage the Court to hear the case and are looking forward to rebutting all of the District’s claims.

            A decision on whether they’ll hear the case should come down before the end of the year and, if they do choose to hear the case – which most court watchers say is likely – oral arguments should be heard early next year and a decision should come down sometime in early to mid-Summer.  It is possible that the Court would withhold their decision until after the November elections, but that is not considered likely.


Survey Says…

            By now you’ve doubtless heard that the US is the most heavily armed nation in the world with 90 guns for every 100 people in the country.  My first reaction to that news was pride followed by some concern when I considered the hundreds of people who are unarmed based on my collection alone.  After further thought I decided that those people must be Yankees and illegal immigrants which makes me feel some better.

What you probably haven’t heard about are some of the other startling conclusions of the survey; for instance, did you know that, “Large scale and uncontrolled urbanization appears to be associated with increased rates of armed violence.”?

I have to wonder how many man-hours of research and thousands, or millions of dollars went into discovering that big cities, especially fast growing big cities in underdeveloped nations with much poverty and hopelessness, tend to breed violence?  This revelation makes me wonder if these guys are affiliated with the researchers who recently “discovered” that men prefer hot looking women while women’s tastes are slightly less dependent on physical attributes alone, but also consider a man’s financial condition.  I have got to figure out how to get in on this game.

Another less obvious conclusion from the Small Arms Survey says that, “Cheaper weapon prices lead to an increased risk of civil war, independently of other conflict risk factors.”

            So don’t complain about price increases at your local gun shop.  Those high prices might be the only thing keeping our nation from falling into an ugly civil war.

            Perhaps the most interesting information in the report though is their finding that the demand for weapons in Iraq has driven the price of a basic AK up from a couple of hundred bucks to as much as $800, while in Africa, a glut of guns has driven the price on AK rifles down to something like $200 under the world average.  Now I’m trying to figure out how to get those rifles from Africa to Iraq where I could make a serious profit.


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