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By Jeff Knox

(August 26, 2008) What if there was a single web site where you could go to learn about the gun rights position of every candidate in every race in every state and federal election in the US?  A site where you could find voting records, editorials, and discussion groups of knowledgeable, committed, gun rights activists?  A site where local grassroots organizations from all over the country come together to share information and ideas for legislative and electoral success?  That web site doesn’t exist, but it could exist.  It could be  We’re not there yet, but we’re working on it.  We have the structure in place.  The software is operating smoothly.  The technical bugs have been worked out and our user base is growing, but we need your help to turn into the valuable resource that it has the potential to be.

This year everyone knows who’s running for President, but few people know who’s running for Senate and fewer still know who’s running to represent them in the House, much less who’s running for seats in the state legislature.

The fact is that most people don’t pay attention to politics at all until after Labor Day and then the number of people paying attention grows slowly right up to Election Day when about half of the people eligible to vote do so.  Some get the little orange card in the mail from NRA and simply go and vote the way the card tells them to.  That helps, but that’s 3 or 4 million of the 60 to 80 million gunowners in this country.  How do the other 76 million gunowners learn about the candidates?

Did you know that in 1992 gunowners voted for Bill Clinton in the same ratio as the general population?  They did it again in 1996.  In 2000, Al Gore made the mistake of expressing his anti-gun views out loud in front of cameras shortly before the election.  That mistake cost him the presidency and explains Barack Obama’s insistence that he “strongly supports the Second Amendment,” even though he has never cast a single pro-gun vote and has cast some seriously troubling anti-gun votes. 

The fact is that GunVoters can make a significant difference in an election – whether for President or Dog Catcher.  But GunVoters can only make a difference if they vote and if they put gun rights high up on their priority list.  One of the ways to help make that happen is by making it easy to find information about the candidates’ positions on guns.  Few of us are true “single issue” voters, but as Dad was fond of saying, “If a politician isn’t smart enough to understand that only the law-abiding obey gun laws, he’s too dumb to represent me. And if he doesn’t trust an armed citizenry, then I cannot trust him.”  The easier it is for gunowners to educate themselves about candidates, the more of them will become GunVoters and the more influence we can have on elections. is really a simple concept, but it’s difficult to implement.  We’ve created the structure and the space.  We’ve collected some information and invited participants, but ultimately the value of lies with the users – the GunVoters.  If everyone who has visited GunVoter so far had left a little information about a candidate, the site would already be an excellent resource.  Unfortunately most guys don’t leave an opinion or any information.  It seems that they don’t feel qualified or something, but the site’s not about experts, it’s about sharing information and making a difference for our country and our communities.

Already courts are twisting the Heller decision and using it to justify gun control laws.  That trend is only going to get worse if GunVoters don’t get active and involved in protecting their rights by informing themselves, sharing their knowledge, and electing pro-gun candidates.  Pro-gun politicians can appoint and confirm judges with integrity and reason.  They can fix the laws that are broken, repeal the laws that are bad, and restore the liberty that has been lost.  If we wait for the courts to restore our rights, we’ll still be waiting while we’re pushing up daisies.

So here’s the challenge: First, do a little research on the candidates that will be on your ballot then post that information in your state’s area of  If everyone reading this column would do that, GunVoter would have information on all of the Senate and Gubernatorial candidates along with most of the candidates for Representative and a good start on state legislative candidates.  Second, post this article on every forum and bulletin board on the Internet to encourage more people to participate in the GunVoter experiment.  Third, talk to your club and local grassroots organizations and make sure that they know about the project and have a link on their web site.  Finally, add to your browser’s “bookmarks” and be sure to visit often and join in with the discussions.

The fact that GunVoters and gunowners are not particularly thrilled with either candidate for President means that a lot of our guys are planning to go hunting come Election Day.  If that happens, we’re all going to be in big trouble.  But if we can elect solid pro-gun majorities in Congress, it won’t matter who the President is.  If we fail to elect a pro-gun Congress, it won’t matter who the president is.  Please visit and do your part to make a difference this November.


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