Needs Your Help! Needs Your Help

      We don't want to pick your pocket.  We just want to pick your brain.  We have created a new forum site called to serve as a central clearinghouse for information about the fight for gun rights, particularly regarding candidates and elections, but including legislation too.  We need you to register at (it must be .org as the guy who controls .com is demanding $10,000 for rights to the site,) and then post information about what’s going on in your state. 

    Without your input, the site is just an empty shell. 

    With your help it can become the most comprehensive collection of grassroots gun rights information anywhere.

      Please go to, register, and post information.  The information can be an alert from a grassroots group, an article from a newsletter or blog (with permission and proper credit,) or just your own opinion about the situation in your state.  We’d also like to hear from you in the “General Comments/Suggestions” area to let us know what you think of the site, things we could do to make it better, and your thoughts on general topics.

      Please take a moment to visit the site and post a message just to let us and others know you were there.  We’re also looking for people who would be interested in helping to moderate the site – keep porn and spam out and the discussions civil, etc.  If you’re interested in participating in that way, please drop me a note through a Private Message.

      We’ve also put up a “GunVoter Gear” store with hats, T-shirts, etc. to help you tell the world where you stand.  We’re working on new designs and better graphics and are open to suggestions there as well.

      We’ve built this site for you.  We think it can be a great resource, but only if you make it so.  Please stop by and participate.  We’ve gotten the ball rolling; now it’s up to you to build the momentum and roll it right over the antigun politicians in DC and the state capitols. 

      Please share this alert with your friends and other gun rights supporters in your circle, especially club leaders and local activists. 

      Thank you for your commitment to the Second Amendment and the fundamental human right of self-defense.  And thank you in advance for participating in this exciting new venue.

     Yours for the Second Amendment,

      Jeff Knox

      Director of Operations

      Neal Knox Associates – The Firearms Coalition

P.S.  The value of the GunVoter project depends on your participation.  We can’t do it without you.  We’re not asking for your money, just your knowledge and opinions.  Please visit and throw your two cents in.