Hatch Slaps Gunowners – Again

   Utah Republican Orin Hatch, the former Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee betrayed gunowners and his own party today by declaring to The Hill newspaper that he is going to support confirmation of Eric Holder for Attorney General.  Other Republicans on the committee have expressed concern over some of Holder's actions and positions and have promised serious questions in the hearings scheduled for Thursday and Friday.  By declaring support before any questions are asked or answered, Hatch proves that he is more concerned about politics than facts.  Previously, committee chairman Patrick Leahy, Democrat of Vermont, had "promised" that Holder would be confirmed.  Such a promise is pure partisan politics on Leahy's part and should be roundly criticized as such by the media.  I'm not holding my breath.

   I intend to be on the phone first thing in the morning to Hatch's office denouncing his betrayal and calling for him to retract his statement.  I encourage others to do likewise.  The position of Attorney General is simply too important to allow it to be filled without question by a proven Democrat lackey.