Hitting the Big Time

    Well, you know you've really arrived when something you say is nominated as the "Dumbass Comment of the Day" by someone called "Flamingskull" on a blog called "Clones are People Two."

    Flamingskull was taken aback by my balls in approaching a Virginia Tech survivor at a protest in Richmond on Monday and asking him how he could possibly just surrender his right to self defense and be advocating that others have theirs taken away.  Of course the reporters didn't quite get the whole story; I was standing listening to him give an interview and was astounded that such an event would result in an anti-gun, anti-self-defense response.  I pointed out that none of the proposed laws would have impacted the Virginia Tech tragedy except the law tha would stop state colleges from disarming lawfully armed students.  I pointed out that when I went to school, I often carried and would have stopped the madness.  The guy responded that he felt sorry for me because I'm so full of fear and went on to say he put his full trust in the police to protect him.  Of course the press stopped reporting at that point and didn't mention my incredulity that this guy puts his full trust in the same authorities that failed to protect him last April.  It's mind boggling.