Job opportunities for recent college graduates!

An unusual opportunity has been brought to our attention and I wanted to share it with our subscribers.

Our good friends at The Leadership Institute are expanding their college conservative outreach program and they are looking for 70 dynamic young people to recruit, train, and assist conservative students on college campuses in developing effective conservative activist organizations.

If you know of a recent college graduate, or other likely candidate, who would like to get paid to be politically active – especially pro-gun conservatives – forward this information to them immediately.

These entry level positions can open all sorts of doors. Don't let them all be filled with young conservatives that don't really understand the importance of the Second Amendment – let's get our true believers in there. (It has long been a complaint that NRA hires people who are politically savvy but are not particularly firearms oriented. Here's a stepping-stone toward offering them some better qualified candidates.)

Here is more information about the jobs and how to apply:

From Morton Blackwell
President, The Leadership Institute

We need help in filling at least 70
exciting job openings this year.

Let’s take America’s colleges back! The best
entry-level opportunity in the political job market
pays you to do exactly that.

Every semester, the Leadership Institute (LI) sends
out across the country a team of motivated, highly
trained field representatives. LI field reps help
conservative students break the left-wing monopoly
on college campuses.

Now, you or some other dedicated conservative you
know can join LI as a full-time fall field
representative and start your political career.

The pay is generous. The experience is priceless.

Field reps receive $3,000 per month salary, plus
$600 per week housing allowance, as well as
additional allowances for cell phone use,
recruitment expenses, gas, and more. A free laptop is yours to use throughout the
semester. It becomes yours to keep upon successful
completion of the program.

Opportunities for full-time, paid jobs fighting for
your beliefs do not come along very often. Apply now — this may be the most exciting job
you’ll ever have.

Your employment with LI as a field rep is résumé
gold. Field reps use the experience and connections
they gain from LI’s National Field Representative
Program to launch rewarding careers in:

• Grassroots activism
• Campaigns for public office
• Political appointments
• Capitol Hill staff
• Lobbying
• Long-term employment with the Leadership Institute
• Employment with other leading conservative
organizations that help shape American politics and

At the end of this message, you’ll find a response
form to fill out. Provide us with your contact
information, so we can talk to you personally about
getting your political career started on the right
path. Simply email the completed form to
I plan to hire at least 70 field reps to work this
fall. You could be one of them.

As an LI field rep, you will travel to the campuses
in your region to identify, recruit, organize, and
train conservatives to win battles against the
radical left on their campuses.

LI will fly you to the Institute’s Arlington, VA,
headquarters for eight days of intensive training in
late August and provide you with everything you need
to succeed.
You may know of others who should join LI as field
reps. On the response form below you’ll find the
space to let me know their contact information. Or
you could have them contact us directly.

Get paid, fight the left, launch your exciting
political career, and have fun doing it!

Be aware that these positions fill up fast. Time is
of the essence as you make this decision for your

Morton Blackwell

P.S. Become one of the best-trained young
conservative leaders in the nation through LI’s
field representative program. As an LI field rep,
you can start your political career in the
conservative movement on the right path. Fill out
and email the response form to CLP Director of
Special Projects David Hoyt at and
jump-start your political career today!


To: Morton C. Blackwell, President
David Hoyt, CLP Special Projects Director
The Leadership Institute
1101 North 17th Street
Arlington, VA 22201

From: ____________________________________
Mailing Address


Phone Number
Email Address

Subject: Fall 2007 Field Representative Openings

Friends at The Firearms Coalition told me about this job.

____ Yes! Please consider me for a Fall 2007
job as a field rep for LI's Campus Leadership
Program. Please have your staff contact me.

____ Yes! I know someone who would be perfect
for this job. I suggest you contact:
Name ____________________________________

Phone ____________________________________

Contact information



Forwarded by The Firearms Coalition
Box 3313
Manassas, VA 20108