Knox on Gun Talk

Jeff Knox on "Gun Talk"

(Sunday, January 11, 2009) I appeared on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio today. Chris also paid a brief visit.  To the Gun Talk listeners visiting for the first time, welcome!  We appreciate the visit.  While you're here you may be interested in subscribing to our FCAlerts List by following this link. It's a low volume, high content bulletin, not a chat list.  When things are active we have sent out as many as two or three brief alerts in a single day, but when things are quiet, so are we.  We treat your personal information as confidential and promise never to share it with anyone.

We also want to invite folks to sample our bi-monthly newsletter, the Knox Hard Corps Report by simply dropping a note with your name and mailing address to

For those who missed the show, you can listen to an archive or download a podcast at Tom's web site by clicking, Tom Gresham's Gun Talk®.