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PAGE NINE — No. 59

The Uninvited Ombudsman Report, No. 59, Feb. 10, 2009

by Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America


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1- Million Gun March
2- State Sovereignty Bills
3- No-Fly Gun Ban
4- Gun Rights Commerce
5- Pork Free Stimulus
6- Kelo's Empty Lot
7- NewsBull Continues Unabated

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We need gun-law books for these states; if you know of one please inform us; if you or someone you know could produce one, please contact us right away:
AL, AK, CO, CT, DE, D.C., GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IO, KY, LA, ME, MD, MI, MS, NE, NJ, NC, OK, PA, RI, SC, WV, WI, WY. The new 2009 guide to all 50 states is now available, but we're seeking books for each state on its own.


Obama's home state of Illinois, one of the last remaining centers of repression without a means for carrying discreetly, has TWO bills working to fix that, HB 367 and HB 224. Contact ISRA to see how you can help, and try these other IL resources


Broad RKBA protection is proposed in Arizona without any mention of firearms: "Any legally owned private property may be kept in or on a means of transportation at any place the means of transportation may legally be." See the whole draft bill (it's short).


The NRA Annual Convention will be in my home town this year, Phoenix, May 14-17. They expect 60,000 interested people, and scores of leaders of the pro-rights movement. You should plan to hang out with these people — your compatriots — and push the attendance to 120,000, wouldn't that send a message. Join me there.



There is a (seemingly) good reason for the civilian ban on some 9mm +P+ ammo the police like:  its pressure falls outside SAAMI specifications, creating a potential litigation problem, so most manufacturers won't warranty its use (though Glock does).  Police departments are required to sign a release to get it. Thanks for the note: Jerry C.


Bill of Rights Day — my reply to you

Dear "Committee for the Bill of Rights" members,

I can't reply to all the email I received from my report on Bill of Rights Day in Phoenix,, there was too much, and it's still coming. It seems I touched a nerve.

Everyone wants to know what they can do to "enforce" the Bill of Rights against the government. The widespread sentiment is that government is no longer obeying those limits, violating the Bill of Rights at will, practically ignoring the Constitution and acting without bounds. "What can we do?" was the common question.

I've been talking to local brains and have some early ideas (noted at the end). To give you a feel for reactions around the country, and some of their ideas, I've compiled a small fraction of the messages I've received below.

Something MUST be done. The Constitution no longer constrains the Congress.

The biggest problem, as one correspondent put it, "How do you take action without appearing like a mob that must be put  down?"  A lot of the sincere and heartfelt suggestions come dangerously close to sedition. We are, after all, talking about getting the government off the tracks it's on. The BOR is dangerous to those it attempts to control. Desire for aggressive action is prevalent, but is it warranted at this time?

Read the rest of this report —
with suggestions for action;
stunning comments from across the country;
growing support for a "Committee for the Bill of Rights."


Sorry I can't respond to each of you individually. You're on my list, I'll be working in the right direction and will keep you posted. Permission gladly granted to circulate any of my material on the subject. Check the blue BOR Day button on my home page




1- Million Gun March

The lamestream media told you:



The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Frustrated and angry over government's failure to protect the right to keep and bear arms, and facing confiscation schemes and outrageous infringements on the remnants of the right to keep and bear, citizens nationwide are talking about a proposed Million Gun March to be held in Washington, D.C. in April of 2010.

"It takes a lot of lead time to organize such an event, and get the permits and such," a supporter has said, who prefers to remain unidentified for fear of reprisals. "The details are being worked out, giving us plenty of time to spread the word and build support for a massive pro-rights rally."

It should be noted that the right to keep and bear arms is so restricted in the nation's capital, the most this could be is a Million Gunowner March. Nevertheless, it's an interesting concept and reflects the public's growing unrest.

A website is in place and under construction. Rumored alternate rallies at all 50 state capitals, for people who cannot travel to D.C. for the Main Event, may take place as well. Stand by for future details.

WARNING: "Unless it's a very large and successful rally, we won't get any media.  And the media that would show up would only take a photo of the guy with Indian corn for teeth, wearing camouflage bib overalls and a t-shirt with a racist slogan and holes in it. And the only guys they ever quote are the ones who talk about black helicopters, the Illuminati and fake moon landings." -Fred D. [Note: Fred's got a point — There should be a dress code, camera crews should be shadowed by silver-tongued spokespeople, we should handle this like our opposition would, smartly; this is early in a new project, it bears close watching.]

Late breaking news: Ted Nugent has agreed to perform at what is now The Second Amendment March, according to event organizer Skip Coryell.



2- State Sovereignty Bills

The lamestream media told you:



The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In a dramatic break from the status quo, seven states of the Union have officially declared their intention to enforce the Constitution against the central government, and reestablish sovereignty and federalism which has been curtailed by federal forces and Congress:

"The House and Senate concurring:
1. That the State of Arizona hereby claims sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution of the United States.
2.  That this Resolution serves as notice and demand to the federal government, as our agent, to cease and desist, effective immediately, mandates that are beyond the scope of these constitutionally delegated powers…"

Read it all–


"A Resolution affirming States' rights based on Jeffersonian principles… all acts of Congress of the United States which do abridge the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, are not law, but are altogether void, and of no force…

"any Act by the Congress of the United States, Executive Order of the President of the United States of America or Judicial Order by the Judicatories of the United States of America which assumes a power not delegated to the government of United States of America by the Constitution… shall constitute a nullification of the Constitution for the United States of America by the government of the United States of America. Acts which would cause such a nullification include, but are not limited to… IV. Further infringements on the right to keep and bear arms including prohibitions of type or quantity of arms or ammunition…"

Read it all —


The lamestream media has maintained an eerie silence on the entire issue, and could not be reached for comment. In other news, their circulation continues to plummet. The L.A. Times continued with its quarterly firings of staff, and the N.Y. Times is rumored to be on the brink of bankruptcy, shored up by a rumored infusion of cash from a wealthy Mexican financier and the proposed sale of its assets, including the Boston Red Sox.


FLASH: In breaking news, five other states have joined what appears to be a growing national movement to castrate the federal government's ongoing usurpation of powers:


"Sec. 4. A personal firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition that is manufactured commercially or privately in Montana and that remains within the borders of Montana is not subject to federal law or federal regulation, including registration…"
Read it all:


"We hereby affirm Michigan's sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government…"
Read it all:


"The Missouri House of Representatives strongly opposes the federal Freedom of Choice Act because: (1) It seeks to circumvent the states' general legislative authority as guaranteed by the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution…"
Read it all:


"…and, That this serve as a notice and demand to the federal government to maintain the balance of powers where the Constitution of the United States established it and to cease and desist, effective immediately, any and all mandates that are beyond the scope of its constitutionally delegated powers."
Read it all:


"Notice and demand to the federal government… to cease and desist, effective immediately, mandates that are beyond the scope of its constitutionally delegated powers."
Read it all:


YOUR state isn't on this list? Then it's time to ACT, at last. Call your local gun-rights group, or legislators, and demand a state-protection act this year! The more states that do, the more pressure we can legitimately bring to halt federal erosion of our rights. Do it before gun-ban laws reach the floor of Congress, like, before tomorrow.


I had added, but the legislative aides who do the drafting removed:

"Any person, or any person with a government agency under that person's control, attempting to enforce a federal law, regulation, policy or precedent against residents of Arizona, in contravention of, in conflict with, or infringing upon this act, shall be fined, not to exceed $100,000, and imprisoned for not more than five years, per occurrence."

Background on what the sovereignty movement means:




3- No-Fly Gun Ban

The lamestream media told you:



The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

A recording has emerged of Obama's chief of staff, perhaps the second most powerful man in the White House, seeking to make the secret No-Fly List a gun-rights denial list

Instituted "for security purposes," people are added to this list with no trial, no hearing prior to listing, no warning, and no due process or defined method for getting off the list. It is managed by unelected and unnamed bureaucrats, and your right to travel freely is denied once you're on. Emanuel's proposal is to make anyone on the list a prohibited possessor under federal law, what Sarah Brady calls, "potential terrorists," with vigorous backing from her tiny but loud group.

No doubt the list includes some legitimate suspects, but since everyone goes through (supposedly) thorough screening before boarding a plane, the purpose of the travel ban is unclear. If the suspects are actually up to something, more needs to be done than merely preventing them from traveling by air. As with many elements of the new U.S. "security environment," the parts don't add up, and the control of the public appears to vastly outweigh the effects on true enemies.

The real risk lies in using the list, which no one in the public can see, to add people and deny their Second Amendment rights without cause or due process. Wikipedia estimates the number of people on the list as somewhere between 2,500 and one million, and growing.




4- Gun Rights Commerce

The lamestream media told you:

Proving he's a bipartisan uniter and nearly mystical leader of legendary proportion, Barack Obama is considering naming a third Republican to his cabinet, as Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) for Commerce Secretary, Virtually without precedent, Obama will be the first president to extend such an open hand to the opposition party in a long long time.


The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In an extraordinarily savvy political maneuver, newly installed president Obama has offered a cabinet seat to republican senator Judd Gregg, which would allow the democrat governor of New Hampshire to fill the vacated seat with a democrat, tipping the Senate balance to a filibuster-proof 60-seat democrat majority.

If senator Gregg accepts the bribe of gaining higher office without the hassle of an election, the ability of pro-rights forces on the gun issue — in fact any contrary position to the far left agenda of the sitting president — would be virtually wiped out. Anti-freedom gun bills, which the president and his allies have loudly and flagrantly promoted despite their gross unconstitutionality, could move through the legislature without any meaningful legal opposition.

Gun owners are reportedly massing in local and national gun-rights groups (listed here, preparing for whatever sort of fight may be needed to restore balance, and protect their 217-year-old uninfringeable rights.

In my home state of Arizona, both the Arizona Citizens Defense League and the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Assn. ( report a flood of new memberships, and especially important, volunteers to work the gun shows and other events. Now's the time folks. Join your national groups as well (recently expanded list).

Although Mr. Gregg has paid lip service to the idea that he won't abdicate the seat he was elected to, without assurance that New Hampshire will appoint (not elect) another republican, there is no way he can guarantee that, or prevent appointment of some mealy mouthed, squishy, compromising quisling of a bottom-feeding democrat maggot in republican clothing, something we already have way too many of.




5- Pork Free Stimulus

The lamestream media told you:

According to the inestimable economic wisdom of president Obama, despite his lack of any economics credentials whatsoever and a team of advisors who are all solidly Keynesians, a trillion dollars of pork debt is exactly what the economy needs to prevent the sky from literally falling on America. Please don't look behind the curtain at the $700 billion the feds have already given out, which had no measurable effect whatsoever, and besides, was given out by a different president we don't even trust.


The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

You've seen the coverage of the approximately $1.2 trillion debt scheme (including interest) pushed by Speaker Pelosi and President Obama that's being falsely labeled the "Stimulus Package," the "Recovery Package," the "Bailout Package," the "Economic Rescue Package," and other entirely misleading names.

Sadly, many politicians in Washington, DC really believe that driving our nation even deeper into debt and using our money for wasteful government spending boondoggles is the way to get us out of the current recession.

These political leaders don't realize that massive deficits, higher taxes, wasteful spending with money they don't even have and haven't taken from us yet, are primary reasons for the current recession.

A stunning true stimulus package emerged from the recently conclude state Libertarian Party convention in Phoenix.

"Declare a tax holiday for a week, month or year. Now THAT would stimulate the economy."

The idea that every worker in America would get a full paycheck, without federal "withholdings" (a euphemism for taking tax money before it is due), and face no sales or other tax when shopping, would create a rush at retail bigger than Christmas. Officials could not be reached to comment on the tremendously popular concept.




6- Kelo's Empty Lot

The lamestream media told you:

Government had to take Susette Kelo's home to build a mall and increase sales tax revenue. The Supreme Court said that's OK so it must be OK, even if it shocked the nation. End of story.


The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Susette Kelo and Jeff Benedict, authors of "Little Pink House: A True Story of Defiance and Courage," are making the rounds on interview shows (the "news" never got the memo).  As you know, Susette's little pink house and the homes of her neighbors were seized and destroyed through phony eminent domain scams in a city landgrab sanctioned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

New London promised to put a glitzy new private development project on the land, but now, nearly four years after the ruling and $78 million in taxpayer money spent, literally nothing has been built on the land; it remains vacant, the neighborhood bulldozed.

You can help the Castle Coalition in its fight to end corrupt and disgusting eminent domain abuse by government "officials," all of whom should be drawn and quartered for turning the public trust into a revenue scheme:




7- NewsBull Continues Unabated

The lamestream media told you:



The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

News coverage of government activity has gotten so bad I'm finding it hard to go over it item by item like I usually do.

The contents of the latest pork giveaway bill are swept under the lamestream rug, and the bill number isn't even mentioned so you could go look for yourself. The web is flooded with solid analysis, but the TV blares only the latest government announcement about how the president urges everyone to get in line. OK, OK, some stations, out of character, did mention that some of the "tax cuts" are really tax handouts to people who didn't pay taxes. No calls for impeachment were made.

The appointment of a treasury secretary happened so fast you could barely comment, and you would — since the man selected helped orchestrate the current problem, his financial benefit from the disaster is unexamined, and his refusal to pay his taxes would have landed you (but not him) in jail. Congress, in an ultimate act of blatant corruption, put him in charge of your tax dollars. What do you say about that except, "Where's my pitchfork?"

The "government money" CNN keeps talking about is a lie. Government has no money — aside from being beyond flat broke. That's MY money and YOUR money they're talking about. When CNN says "government bailout dollars," know full well it's YOUR dollars, confiscated before you even get them by "withholding taxes" (what a clever idea!!). They confiscate more than you owe, so they can make you feel good when you get back the excess they took from you (and earned interest on at your expense). The media treats it as if it's a perfectly fine plan.

Caroline Kennedy drops out of sight for reasons reporters would not disclose, and the media brushes over that like it doesn't matter. The selected alternate, Kirsten Gillibrand, is A rated by the NRA but the media wont tell you that, only that she's from upstate so there's up/down balance (as if anyone can balance the consummate evil and deception of Charles Schumer).

The gun business continues to thrive, and CCW classes are sold out for months, but the media only trumpets bad business news. Dr. John Lott points out facts while the media has gone over to complete hype and hyperventilation — the economy is nowhere near as bad as the fear mongers keep saying:

–Almost a third of all months during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s had an unemployment rate as high or higher than it is now.

–The inflation rate today is incredibly low. Over the last year, the inflation rate has been 0.1 percent. There is only one year since 1960 when the inflation rate was as low as 0.7 percent (1961).

— GDP growth might have fallen slightly by 0.5 percent during the third quarter last year, but that is after it had grown at 2.8 percent the previous quarter. Americans were still wealthier than they were at the beginning of the year.

What gets in the way of real reporting? Is it the media's self-indulgent adulation and disguise of a cigarette-smoking half-white half-Muslim lefty (as in southpaw) of uncertain birthright who twice flubbed and never fully took his oath of office and can't dance, whose supporters defaced the U.S. flag by festooning it with slogans and his image in his honor? Is it the Obama who wants to appease, chat with and gratify the Muslim radicals whose al-Qaida leaders have called him a house n*gger?

Reporters report that "My job to the Muslim world is to communicate the Americans are not your enemy," says Obama. Say what? No reporters ask him any pointed questions about it? We're not their enemy? They're not ours? They have sworn death to America, right? We're not the great Satan anymore?

Nancy Pelosi lies through her teeth straight into the camera saying $200 million of our cash will help reduce costs and stimulate the economy if we buy condoms for poor people. Family planning dollars will reduce costs to the states (she said it three times to CNN).

So which is it — she wants more poor babies to have more social security contributors, more welfare Moms, and more democrat voters, or less of all the above to reduce costs? Where does the Constitution give anyone any power to buy condoms? Hint: it doesn't. They are out of line and deserve to be removed from office for violation of their oaths. Why do states need to reduce costs by regulating baby making?

The theft of the treasury is unbridled and monstrous, the media's eye on it is non-existent, they are promoting it. The closest thing to media oversight is Lou Dobbs and others asking fecklessly, "What is going on?" and "What's happening?" and "Do they think we're stupid?" and "How much of this do they think we can stand?" These are actual quotes. They should be saying, "Arrest these people now. Rise up and storm your representatives offices." Stop the theft of the Treasury," not "What's going on?"

Which leads me to the followup from the Bill of Rights Day event on Dec. 15.

We need to enforce the Bill of Rights against our own government. That's what it's for, and that's what we must do.

Doing it is dangerous. It borders on insurrection, sedition, stopping powerful government operatives from its evil ways. They're not going to like that. They now have a standing army, civilian and military, that obeys their commands, and has more power than you do — exactly what the Founders said they should never have.

You can't appear like a mob that must be put down. It must be civilized, non violent, affirmative, dispositive (look it up).

If you do anything remotely like taking up arms to fight back, you will be portrayed by the power brokers and in the media as a wacked-out lunatic-fringe borderline psycho domestic terrorist mad-dog evildoer, after you're machine gunned by the flack-jacketed righteous forces of good, run by the U.S. Department of Security And Entitlements. That's not what you want.

The current administration is planning to demand changes in auto manufacture, and specify targets for fuel efficiency. Any delegated authority to do so cannot be found in the Constitution. News media have failed to report on this abuse of power. It is the de facto socialization of an industry. Socialism is an arch enemy of freedom and the American way. The news media is silent (or acquiescent or supportive, which is worse).

Henry Paulson, who has practically fallen off the face of the news, insisted a few months ago that if we didn't reallocate our money through him to the banks and credit outfits, the sky would fall and we'd be doomed. Only half the money was sent ($350 billion), the banks won't account for it, no one went to prison for theft, and the sky didn't fall. Where the "reporters" at? Where the money? Why didn't the sky fall? Can we expect a  correction? The "news" has gotten so weak it's hard to know where to chastise it. How about, everywhere.

Has anybody up there mentioned that you can't get out of debt by going deeper into debt? Or pointed out the fact that we don't have the trillion dollars Congress, pushed by their new leader, plans to spend?

My friends know that anything government "gives away" is something it took from someone else — government makes nothing, it only takes from one and redistributes. Is that part of freedom? Is that what the Constitution authorizes? Can we count on agents of government to put themselves in jail for breaking the laws they write and enforce, through courts they own and operate?

It is reaching the tipping point but for one small factor. Nearly half the people are at the feeding trough, taking the blood money the other half is forced to shell out. The half in the takings coalition is not going to see the injustice, they're going to see the free cash and resist any effort to put it back into the pockets of the people who earned it.

Yes, that's corrupt and immoral. But it's hard to make a man understand something when his livelihood depends on not understanding it (Upton Sinclair gave us those wise words).

This brings us back to a fundamental: Freedom is a minority movement.

The numbers of people writing to me saying they're ready to lock and load is increasing.

The secret will be to effect change without appearing like a mob that has to be put down. There's hope in my Bill of Rights Day report, which I mentioned at the start, and you should read. It has some solutions than can work.




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