Marching On

Marching on Washington

A small group of us went into DC on Saturday to participate in the 9/12 March on Washington and we had a great time.  Even though planning for the event was almost completely ignored by the major media, the turnout was incredible.  For some reason the organizers kept suggesting that the crowd numbered near 1.5 million, but it didn’t come close to that.  My personal guess is that there were somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000 people in attendance, but the numbers aren’t really important.  What is important is that there were a lot of angry people trying to get their voices heard and while they were drawn to the protest by their opposition to government growth, bail-outs, the health care bill, taxes, and other issues, they were almost unanimously pro-gun.  Some of the strongest reactions from the crowd came when speakers commented about the Second Amendment, and everyone we met was enthusiastically in support of gun rights.  There were many NRA and pro-rights ball caps and T-shirts visible and people eagerly snapped up the information we were offering about The Firearms Coalition and

If Obama, Pelosi, and company had any sense, they would make a big show of "hearing" the complaints of this crowd and slowing their agenda some in response.  I don’t think they’re smart enough for that though so I expect they will continue to try to run right over the millions of Americans who are upset about what is going on and in so doing they will alienate millions more, fueling the anger and frustration and making a dramatic turnover in Congress in 2010 much more likely.

So far this administration and congress have shied away from gun control schemes, but that will change the moment they believe they can get away with something – or the moment they realize that they are going to lose their control.  Either way we must remain vigilant and keep building our ranks and the "Tea Parties" and health care protests are very fertile ground for recruiting support for our cause.  If you get a chance, get involved and make it a point to invite everyone you meet to join our fight.  Point them to and and we’ll take it from there.