More games from the ATF

The ATF is continuing to go back and forth with our Electronic Acquisition/ Disposition system that we have been leasing. ATF Director of Industry Operations Richard Van Loan had stated earlier that he would not have revoked our license if we would have gotten a computerized system. Keep in mind that the small amount of errors in the 2005 audit, which were made were paperwork errors that wouldn't have been prevented by a computerized system, still the ATF states: Red's failed to set into place the recommended procedures, failed to computerize their acquisition and disposition system, and failed to put the time and effort into their record keeping system necessary to avoid future violations An Electronic A&D system can replace the standard bound book, with ATF's approval. These are not cheap systems they run over $12,000, if it were not for one of our distributors allowing us to lease the system then it would be extremely difficult for us. The system that we have is one of the top of the line from ARS Business Solutions. This is one of the most used and regarded systems. Area Supervisor Linda Young initially took a brief look at it and deemed it "inadequate" and refused to approve it because she did not like how it designated firearms that were on layaway. Our distributor and the representative from ARS were shocked that they labeled it "inadequate". The representative contacted Young to figure out what needed to be changed. He was told that only the layaway designation needed to be changed. He assured us that the ATF were quite pleased with the system and Linda Young stated that it was a "good system". Still US Attorney Deborah Ferguson in a memorandum before the Judge stated: A system was tested this spring, although it has not been approved by ATF, as it needs further adjustments Now that we have made the "adjustments" that they wanted, you would think that they would approve it….nope. They are now continuing to nit pick the system to death, they are now asking us to go back and input more customer information into the system. They will then review it again and again; continuing to critique and scrutinize, hoping it will buy them more time. Because Van Loan has made such an issue of the importance of having a computerized system and basing much of their case on it, if they approved it then then their whole case would be a mute point. You will remember how Inspector Caleb Rushing, in our 2005 inspection, had instructed us to file all of our forms in alphabetical files but then within the files place them in chronological order with the last transaction first (this took our employees 3-4 days to rearrange). Then Area Supervisor Linda Young stated that Rushing was wrong and then gave us a violation for it. We then went back and rearranged them to Young's standard of "perfect alphabetical order". Which she stated that dealers records must be in, despite later admitting that most dealers keep their records organized alphabetically separated by the year (which is not "perfect" alphabetical order). We continue to jump through these hoops. These games that the ATF play are not to protect you, they are to justify their own existence. The ATF still refuses to publish or comply to any standards, nor will they. Currently they are able to change the rules any time that they want. In the mean time our court system is tied up and your tax money is being wasted. I continue to encourage everyone to contact the US Department of Justice OIG and let your Congressional Delegates know that you do not appreciate the Waste, Fraud and Abuse that the ATF is committing. We are still waiting to hear from Judge Edward Lodge regarding the ATF's request for summary judgment. While cases such as Murder and Child Molester Joseph Duncan's are waiting to be heard by Judge Lodge, the ATF continues to tie up the court to prove that we committed .4% clerical errors in a 2005 audit willfully.