No Brass, No Ammo!

DOD Reverses Policy on Destruction of Brass

The Department of Defense, under intense pressure from rights advocates, industry forces, and members of Congress – particularly Senators Baucus and Tester of Montana – has reversed its decision to require that all brass cases be destroyed and sold as scrap metal rather than sold as reloadable cases.

Much credit for the quick resolution of this issue goes to Gary Marbut of Montana Shooting Sports Association.  Gary was the first we saw alerting the public and calling on his Senators to take action, and his calls did not fall on deaf ears as Tester and Baucus responded quickly and helped to snuff the issue in short order.

Thanks Gary!

Our original story is below.

Goverment Orders Destruction of Fired Brass

    There are reports that the Defense Department has ordered that all fired brass from the military be "de-militarized" by crushing or otherwise making it unusable for reloading.

    The Firearms Coalition is looking into these reports and will keep you posted.  In the mean time, there is no harm in contacting Senators and Representatives to ask them to look into the matter.

    Scrap brass metal sells for only a few cents a pound while once-fired brass in popular calibers sells for a few dollars a pound.  Add to that the cost of physically mutilating the cases and the government moves from a net gain in disposing of their fired brass to a net loss.

    A policy calling for the destruction of otherwise usable and resalable brass would be right in line with what we have been expecting from the Obama administration.  We have been on the lookout for bans on importation of various guns and gun parts, bans on importation of ammunition, and expansion of the Attorney General’s lists of guns "not suitable for sporting purposes."

    No such actions or policies should be tolerated and they should be opposed with the strongest legal action possible.