Old Columns Being Added

One of the great advantages of this new web management system is that it is very easy to add content.  One of the shortcomings is that it does not allow us to manipulate the "Latest News" feature in the top menu – thus the listing of a column from 2005 at the top of "Latest News".  As I dig up old articles that I want to share, the system automatically lists the newest additions even when those additions might not actually be "new" or "news."

I would encourage visitors to the site to not only look at "Latest News" and "Most Popular", but to pop into each of the major areas to se what interesting item might have been posted since your last visit.  There is usually a new "Knox Report" every week.  "News Flashes" and "Alerts" can appear at any time as can blog entries from Chris or me (and eventually from Mom).  And of course, we're having some fun with videos too.

Soon you should be able to interact with us and other readers by posting responses in our "Blog" areas.  In the mean time, please don't hesitate to drop us a note with questions, comments, or suggestions either through the "Contact" form or directly to me a: Jeff at FirearmsCoalition.org.

I hope you're enjoying the site and find it useful.  If you do, please tell a friend about it and remember, we not only allow, we encourage the reposting and reprinting of our original materials on internet forums, in e-mails, and in clud newsletters.  No specific permission is required as long as propper credit is given to the author, The Firearms Coalition, and this web site.  Share the information widely – that's what we write it for.


Yours for the Second Amendment,