Opposition Growing to Holder Nomination

I love it when a plan comes together.  We're far too modest (not to mention realistic) to claim that the opposition to the Holder nomination started here, but Brother Jeff saw an opening early and it now appears that no less a political operator than Karl Rove is stepping in.  Jeff started talking about opposing Holder during the first week of December.  Speaking on Chris Mathews' show, Washington Post writer Ceci Connolly passed along gossip that Rove would be leading the opposition to Holder in the middle of December.  The Huffington Post covered Ms. Connolly's tidbit and included a YouTube link here.  Gist of the story: 

"Word on the street is that Karl Rove is going to be helping lead the fight against Eric Holder when his nomination for Attorney General heads up to the Senate," she said.

Two days earlier, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy accused Rove of the same behind-the-scenes shenanigans when his office released a lengthy statement decrying the hypocrisy of the GOP's Holder criticisms.

Jeff has been agitating against the Holder nomination since the rumors of a Holder nomination started flying, back around Thanksgiving, as a way to demonstrate to the Obama Administration — and to the squishy Republicans, for that matter — that gun owners have not hung it up.  At the time I thought it was a great idea, but I feared the Republicans were so demoralized that they'd fall on their sword rather than fight.  Now it appears that there's some fight left in the Republicans after all.

Hopefully, the NRA will also weigh in to oppose the Holder nomination.  We'll be following this one closely.