Parks Rules at Risk

    The new regulations regarding firearms in National Parks and Wildlife Refuges are in serious jeopardy with the pending new administration.  Congressional Democrats and Obama surrogates are talking about taking advantage of little used rules to repeal regulations enacted in the last year of an administration.  Regulations which have not been finalized can be frozen by the new President as soon as he enters office.  Other regulations enacted as far back as May of this year can be overturned by Congress.
    While the primary targets of such regulatory reversion are environmental and industry related, it is likely that the foot-dragging by the Interior Department in finalizing the new firearms regulations could result in either presidential or congressional nullification – as the Firearms Coalition warned back in June.
    At this point it is doubtful that a legislative solution to the park disarmament problem could be pushed through, but it is important that GunVoters let legislators and regulators know that a betrayal on this issue will be remembered and answered at the ballot box.

Information about the Democrat plans to nix Bush administration regulatory changes can be found here in this AP wire story:


Additional Note:

Obama has named Ken Salazar of Colorado as his pick to head the Department of Interior which oversees National Parks and Wildlife Refuges.  While there were other names being floated for the position who would have been worse for gunowners, such as AZ  Representative Raúl Grijalva, Salazar is no friend to gunowners or to gun rights.  Heis on record in support of backgroun checks for private sales at gun shows and for band on "ban on specific automatic weapons and assault weapons," whatever that actually means.