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Misleading Headlines

 Posted as a comment to a story about Amtrak

The headlines for this story, including the one here ("Amtrack Must Allow Guns") are unanimously misleading.  From the heads and the leads, one might reasonably conclude that gun owners will be riding the iron with more iron on their hips.  While a few armed good guys might have been a blessing in the case of the 1993 Long Island Railway massacre, that is not what this proposal is about.  Amtrak is being forced, under threat of losing its federal funding, to follow federal law regarding transport of declared, unloaded, and cased guns in checked baggage.  That’s the policy that airlines routinely follow. 

On another point, a "money-in-politics angle" is promised in tomorrow’s coverage followed by a cocktail napkin analysis of who gets funding from what pro- or anti-gun groups, noting that gun rights groups spent over $2M on lobbying while anti-gun groups spent only $80,000.  That’s a pretty simplistic analysis.  It doesn’t include the non-profit foundation money that drives groups like Freedom (sic) States Alliance, Violence Policy Center, and others.  Neither does it count the vast in-kind contribution of Big Media.  It doesn’t take long watching a Hollywood blockbuster or a cheesy sit-com to spot the anti-gun and anti-gun owner slant.