Reply to a Republican


I have had several comments from readers like the following so I have decided to share my reply to this one with the rest to you.

Duane said: 

Your recent posts regarding Republican candidates causes me great concern. Let us face facts: the Republican party is for the most part on our side and the Democrats want to destroy the right to keep and bear arms. To thumb noses at Republican candidates is evidence to me you have no clue as to how national politics operates. All your position does is to elect clowns such as Hillary. Most citzens do NOT concern themselves with the Second Amendment when they cast their ballot. Hold your nose, but vote Republican!

And I replied:


Most Republicans only support us because they need us to be elected.

As long as they can depend on us "holding our noses" they will do nothing for us.

Look at the previous six years with a "pro-gun" Republican President, a "pro-gun" Republican House, and a "pro-gun" Republican Senate – we got basically NOTHING.

If you want to be a Republican activist, that's fine.  I am a gun rights activist and I will continue to urge people to vote gun rights.

In Virginia last week a Republican Congressman declared that his Republican wife's reelection to the Virginia Senate would be a referendum in favor of gun control – we defeated her.  Yes, there was concern that the Democrats would gain control of the State Senate, but we not only defeated an anti-gun Republican, we sent a loud and clear message to the Republican Party of Virginia that we will no kow-tow to the Party.  A bad Republican can be worse than a good Democrat – or even a bad Democrat.

Political power is not about an election, it's about elections; if politicians only learn by losing, then so be it.

The truth is that if the Republicans insist on putting forward an anti-gun candidate like Giuliani, McCain, or Romney, they will lose.  The only chance they have of beating Hillary is to field a candidate that we can not only "hold our nose and vote for," but one we can actively support.  Without our active support, no amount of "lesser of two evils" BS will get our guys to the polls or pull the pro-gun Democrat-leaners away from their party of inclination.

I am a life-long Republican and have even run for office under the Republican banner, but I will NEVER advocate in favor of a candidate who will not stand up for my rights.

There is still time for the Republicans to select a pro-gun candidate for President, but that time is running out fast.  NRA, GOA, and every other pro-gun organization in this country should be actively working to deny the nomination to any anti-gun candidate of any party.  That's the only way we win in the long run.