Retaliation by Federal Agencies? Not the ATF

When I spoke at the Regulatory Fairness Forum, the National Ombudsman Nicholas Owens warned those Government Agencies that were there that his office strongly looks down on Government Agencies that retaliate against individuals or businesses. In fact they are working with Federal Agencies to establish a policy prohibiting retaliatory actions. That is great…BUT I think that Mr. Owens has not dealt with ATF Acting Director Michael J. Sullivan and The Gang. I have received countless calls from other dealers (some large retailers as well), Distributors and Manufacturers who tell us that they are behind us 100%…BUT they do not want to speak out or the ATF will set there sights on them as well. I completely understand why would you want to get in the cross hairs of a government agency that is bent on retaliation. Their employees don't know any different, if you can not shut a dealer down then try and bankrupt them. If that doesn't work then set up straw purchase stings, which will result in the owner and employees being arrested. You have to look no further than our case where they have cost us a considerable amount of money, attempted to smear our name and reputation, blatantly harassed customers who have legally purchased firearms, violated our First Amendment, denied us a fair appeal process, lied and left out critical information. So Mr. Owens, I appreciate you seeking a High Level review of the BATFE but as far as retaliation…you don't know The Gang.