Rights Day Summary

    Well it was a pretty good day. 

    I got to Realco Guns in Maryland right at Noon instead of earlier as I had planned.

    We had about 25 or 30 people with a few comings and goings along the way compared to their 50 or 60 folks.  The biggest difference being that it looked like most of their people were on the clock while they were there while our side was pretty much all volunteers.  

    Jane with Second Amendment Sisters had done a good job coordinating things with the local cops, etc. and had a good PA system set up.  Henry Heymering with Maryland Shall Issue was there with several of his guys and gave away a bunch of "Self Defense in a Family Value" T-shirts.  Bob Culver with Montgomery Citizens for a Safer Maryland was there for the whole event and we had several guys up from Virginia and VCDL.  A couple of guys from the Tyrany Response Team showed up and the ProGunProgressive.com blogger popped in as things were wrapping up.

    The guys from Realco had coffee and do-nuts for us and I saw lots of people buying ammo and accessories.  The two times I popped into the store, there were guys busily working on the seemingly endless paperwork which goes along with selling guns these days.  Very nice guys.  Very professional.

    I did get a chance to speak with a few media types as did many of our crew and I think pretty much everyone who spoke to the press handled themselves well.  The three points I really wanted to get across were:

1. Self defense is a Civil Right

2. Gun control doesn't work

3. There are three primary reasons for more guns in DC being traced back to Realco than any other store.  Those three reasons are; Location, Location, and Location.

    All in all I think it was a productive event.  Realco did more business than they normally would have.  The anti's didn't get a free pass.  And activists from Maryland, DC, and Virginia got a chance to network and build the kind of camaraderie that only comes from spending time together in the trenches.

    I want to express my thanks to everyone who attended this event and to everyone around the country who made it a point to stop by their local gun shop and buy a box of ammo or a new gun. 

    If you attended an event in your area, please send me a report on it.

    Don't forget to follow up todays action with a letter or e-mail to your elected officials to let them know that the power of the gun lobby comes directly from our numbers and our commitment and that we will work hard to defeat any politician who betrays their oath to support and defend the US Constitution.

    Let's do this again next year with more bells and whistles!


    Yours for the Second Amendment,