Ron Paul Calls to Abolish the ATF

I just received the following from Paul Velte of Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights:

Here was the blurb I put out to my texas gun list:

This Week's GUNWEEK reports the following two stories:

Ron Paul Calls to Abolish the ATF

Presidential candidate Ron Paul's address to this year's GRPC (Gun Rights Policy Conference), called for abolishing the federal gun police, the ATF. "I don't even like the ATF," Paul said. I'm not looking … to enforce these laws … that I don't even believe in." The news story also noted that, while Paul admits "I don't pretend I hunt and shoot guns a lot," he does own a few and his commitment is philosophical and Constitutional: "My issue is the political reality and the importance of the Second Amendment for defending one's self against all forms of danger, including our own government if necessary." The story then goes on to note how most other candidates in recent decades have staged media events to show themselves using guns to hunt as a way to convince the public they are supporters of the Second Amendment. Meaningless photo ops versus real philosophical commitment: which will you choose to follow in the presidential race?

I posted before on Ron Paul's campaign response regarding the ATF.